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Living Church of God's Rod Meredith
disfellowships Fred Coulter a third time

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Living Church of God's Rod Meredith
disfellowships Fred Coulter a third time


The presiding evangelist of the Living Church of God has warned members of his church that they should not fellowship or communicate with Fred Coulter and other leaders of Church of God groups who were disfellowshipped or marked years ago.

Roderick C. Meredith of Charlotte, N.C., who founded the LCG in 1998, said it has come to his attention that some LCG members are meeting with "ex-ministers of the Church of God" who were disfellowshipped and marked while members of the Worldwide Church of God in past decades.

"One notable example is Fred Coulter," Dr. Meredith wrote to LCG members June 12, 2008.

"When Fred angrily and very disrespectfully confronted Mr. Herbert Armstrong back in 1979, God's Apostle [Mr. Armstrong] personally disfellowshipped him.

"Then Mr. Armstrong immediately called me--as Director of the Ministry--and instructed me to disfellowship and mark Fred Coulter, which I did at the time."

Dr. Meredith on June 12 of this year in effect disfellowshipped Mr. Coulter for the third time, since he and Mr. Armstrong had separately ex-communicated Mr. Coulter in 1979.

Dr. Meredith said he is concerned that Mr. Coulter, who lives in Hollister, Calif., and other former WCG ministers are luring members away from the LCG.

"In my opinion, Mr. Coulter has continued to poach members away from those who are actually preaching the Gospel to the world and is conducting himself as an enemy of the Church. This is what he did when he opposed the servant of God who taught most of us the Truth, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong."

Therefore, Dr. Meredith, announced,

"in the name of Jesus Christ, I am now instructing loyal Living Church of God members not to meet with or fellowship with Fred Coulter--a dissident who was personally disfellowshipped by God's Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong, and publicly disfellowshipped and marked by me personally."

When The Journal contacted Mr. Coulter for comment, he said he has decided to "ignore" Dr. Meredith's announcement.

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