Issue 28

 Church of God News Headlines
United Church of God Managing editor reports on plans for booklets
United Church of God Regional pastor defends tithe-related suspension
United Church of God Council discusses rules, visiting preachers, spirit of Indy
Church of God members, others, preparing to flee
United Church of God Elders pass measure to redefine voter base
 Journal Articles and Commentary
What does the Bible say about tithing?
Tithing is a fundamental doctrine of the Church of God
Tithing, Sabbath arguments similar
• The eyes of Global Church of God are upon Texas
'Get the big picture' is lesson of contact with Church of God brethren in Burma
Mr. Armstrong was a helper of my joy
Church of God contact inspires TV-network changes
• Unusual events accompany Christian Leadership Academy visit
Members fleeing to Belize will not leave immediately
Don't fence this Feast planner in
How should we 'mark'?
Teens support Christian values
Youths camp in Philippines
Unusual Church of God group conducts first service
• Should you depend on the process?
Come to Mystic for the Feast of Tabernacles
Everybody invited to Fourth of July frolic
Four former members of the Global Church of God restart a Global congregation
Church on the Rocks
Why not feast in South Texas?
Independent Aussies to conduct Feast on lake
• Show me the map
• Commentaries and Columns:
Did Jesus Christ give the Sound Bite on the Mount?

Issue 28:    Notes & Quotes

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