Everybody invited to Fourth of July frolic

DENTON, Texas--Sabbath-keepers of all flavors will gather again for the sixth annual day of fellowship in celebration of Americans' freedoms July 4 at Bob Widmer's homestead north of Denton.

"Start early, arrive any time after 8 a.m., enjoy swimming, conversation, volleyball, conversation, baseball, conversation, food, conversation, horseshoes and more conversation," said Phil Keener of Fort Worth. "Renew old acquaintances, make new friends, catch up on news of happenings among those who share respect for the Sabbath."

A potluck and cookout will highlight the event, with the meal beginning at 1 p.m. Bring food, drinks and lawn chairs for your family. Barbecue grills will be available for those who like to cook it on the spot.

"What better time to get together than on the commemoration of the establishment of a nation where we can follow our convictions to honor the biblical Sabbath in peace," commented Mr. Keener.

For directions to the Widmers' place, call Bob or Peggy Widmer at (940) 458-7058.

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