Managing editor reports on plans for booklets

ARVADA, Colo.--The managing editor for the United Church of God's publications, Scott Ashley of Arvada, reported to the United Church of God council of elders by teleconference in May about booklets and magazines soon to be published by the church.

Current and coming cover themes for The Good News, the flagship publication of the United Church of God, an International Association, include "What Happens After Death?" (July-August); "Can You Believe Bible Prophecy?" (September-October); "Just What Is the Millennium?" (November-December); and "Are We on the Threshold of a New Age?" (January-February 2000).

Booklets planned include Are We Living in the Last Days?; The Lost Ten Tribes in Prophecy; The Book of Revelation Unveiled; Seven Laws of Success; Making Life Work; Where Can You Find Lasting Values?; Heaven and Hell; Who and What Is God?; Which Biblical Laws Should a Christian Keep?; Why Does God Allow Suffering?; Transforming Your Life; Marriage/Child-Rearing; This Is the United Church of God; Is There Really a Devil?; and Who Was Jesus?

Mr. Ashley said May-June Good News circulation reached 193,318.

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