Canadian Church of God members write book, seek publisher

VICTORIA, B.C., Canada--The manuscript for A Straight Path Through a Crooked World: A Nonfiction, Updated Guide to the Perplexed of a New Millennium was recently completed by Jeff and Carolanne Patton after two years of research and writing.

The Pattons are seeking a publisher and alternately are considering self-publishing options.

Mr. Patton for many years was editorial director for the Global Church of God, Escondido, Calif.

Real answers

He said the book includes "real answers to some of the most controversial personal issues of our time." It "outlines a world view that makes sense out of the flood of confusing, often contradictory messages about what is right or wrong today."

A Straight Path through a Crooked World "reveals an enduring moral logic to the universe: how it works and what it has to say to you, your family and your community," Mr. Patton said.

The book is part self-help, part social commentary, part poetry and part motivational therapy with some "inspired preaching" thrown in.

"When a reader finishes this book, he will have the understanding about how to avoid some of the most common personal pitfalls set by our Western world's reigning M&M culture, that culture of materialism and meaninglessness," Mr. Patton said.

He hopes the volume will help any who "want to build endurance, find happiness and discover hope."

Look what's inside

Chapters in the book include:

  • "There's Logic to Your Life."
  • "Finding Happiness in an Imperfect World."
  • "Are Your Heroes Under Attack?"
  • "Will You Fall Prey to Your Demons?"
  • "Infidelity or Intimacy: Taming a Cheating Heart."
  • "A Good Marriage: Your Loving Oasis."
  • "Kick That Black Dog of Depression."
  • "Childhood Denied."
  • "Bring Back Daddy."
  • "It's a Woman's Choice!"
  • "The Girls Are in Pain."
  • "Searching for a Kindred Spirit to Share Your Dreams."
  • "Beginnings and Endings."
  • "Righting the Wrongs."

Manuscript available

The Pattons are happy that the manuscript is ready for distribution.

"The manuscript has been prepared to address the public, and it is now ready after two years of work," commented Mr. Patton. "To publish and promote this book, Carolanne and I must undertake a certain amount of fund-raising because we are not independently wealthy."

The Pattons described what it will take to launch the book.

"To make a small beginning that will modestly launch the book on the North American market will take about $30,000," he said. "The big New York houses spend far more than this to launch one of their new titles."

Contact information

Anyone who is interested in acquiring a copy of the manuscript should contact the Pattons at 3393 Mary Anne Crescent, Victoria, B.C. V9C 3J6, Canada. The cost (to recover duplicating expense) for people in the United States is $20 in U.S. funds. The Canadian price is $25 in Canadian funds. For all other international addresses, the price is $25 in U.S. funds. The price includes airmail shipping from Canada.

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