United Church of God Elders pass measure to redefine voter base

MILFORD, Ohio--Elders of the United Church of God -AIA approved a constitutional amendment that redefines the base of voters required for almost all votes of the general conference of elders.

The amendment establishes that a simple or two-thirds majority (depending on the issue) of votes cast is required to approve measures instead of a simple or two-thirds majority of the entire membership of the general conference.

The new system, had it been in effect in March, would have meant that many of the more than 40 amendments placed before the meeting of the general conference for approval would have passed. Under the old rule, none of them passed.

The problem was that many United elders, for whatever reason, do not vote. But enough had to vote one last time under the old system to do away with it. They approved the new rule 280-14. The number required for passage of the new rule under the old rule was 267.

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