What's in issue No. 38, Mar. 29, 2000?

One hundred Church of God women meet in Texas--with no men allowed. The International Bible Learning Center and organizer Linda Hardy White sponsor a conference of the fair sex in the Dallas area March 10. Read Linda Cartwright's first-person impression of the proceedings in the print version of The Journal.

Three Church of God members take a speaking tour of a region of India. Read Bill Stough's report on Sabbatarian Christians you probably didn't know existed.

The pastor of a Birmingham, Ala., congregation, Ray Wooten, resigns. See the print version of The Journal for details.

The Ambassador University campus sells to an arts-and-crafts concern, Hobby Lobby. That company, in turn, is leasing the grounds to the Institute in Basic Life Principles, the ministry of Illinois-based Bill Gothard. Did the campus sell for $50 million--or, as a Dallas newspaper speculated, between $20 million and $40 million? Nowhere near those figures, says a source The Journal considers to be reliable. See the print version of The Journal for Mac Overton's report.

Legacy Institute founder Leon Sexton exhorts Church of God folks to get to work. See the print version of The Journal for details, including the five steps Mr. Sexton says Satan is implementing to thwart God's will for Church of God people.

Letters from our readers include reaction to Ron Dart's controversial statements in the February issue--and much more.

Editorials and columns in this issue come to you from Norman Edward ("How Would the Decision to Flee Work?"), John Havir ("What's a Deacon Supposed to Do?"), John Merritt ("Some, Like Ukraine, Hold Onto Old Guard"), Dave Havir ("Religious Titles Befuddle the Brethren"), Melvin Rhodes ("Some Nowadays Say They're 'Saved' Even While Shacking Up") and Leon Sexton ("Found: One Lost Sheep"). See the print version of The Journal.

Alan Knight's essay this month notes that the Nicolaitans were prominent in the destruction of the New Testament church. Mr. Knight credits much of the problem with Hellenistic Jews who converted to Christianity, then reinterpreted Christianity in light of the already existing combination of the Greek Hellenistic religion and Judaism. See the print version of The Journal.

The Bible Sabbath Association announces its 2000 scholarship contest and the need for funds to finance it.

Singles in St. Louis go all out in their plans for a Memorial Day activity.

In a review of a new book, "The Universal History of Numbers," Brian Knowles recommends that, if you're fascinated by the history and use of sums and digits, buy this book.

A teenager says she's ready to flee to the place of Shakespeare.

A congregation in Amarillo, Texas, observes its 20th anniversary in March. See the print version of The Journal for photos from the March 18 special service of the church pastored by Jeff Booth that he and friends founded in 1980.

A "Temple Awareness" series of seminars kicks off in Tyler, Texas, in March.

In his essay, Ken Westby is struck by the tendency of some Christians to regard the Sabbath as "that worthless manna." See the print version of The Journal.

The CGI and CGOM plan a joint Feast site for 2000.

A San Antonio congregation says it will invite the public to one of its Feast services this fall.

"Notes and Quotes" includes news of the deaths of two longtime Church of God elders and late-breaking news about three Feast sites.

In Connections, The Journal's advertising section, advertising manager Darlene Warren records her thoughts as Passover approaches.

Read the latest prayer requests and obituaries in our classified section.

Trey Cartwright's column in Connections this month documents his and Matt Ellison's search for the perfect East Texas eatery.

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