BSA offers scholarships for COG youths

RALEIGH, N.C.--The Bible Sabbath Association needs money to finance its next scholarship contest, announced June Narber Harrison of Raleigh, member of the BSA board of directors, March 24.

Mrs. Harrison, BSA scholarship chairman, said a new competition for scholarships is set to begin this August and conclude in February 2001. The BSA needs funds to give to contest winners as prizes.

"We also hope to raise enough money to guarantee that the scholarship can continue for yet another season," she said. "We ask that you consider donating any sum of money designated for the BSA Scholarship Fund."

The BSA is a 55-year-old nonprofit organization that began in the 1940s in Oklahoma. Its current president is a Seventh-day Adventist, Sidney Davis of Chicago, Ill. Several Church of God members sit on its board and help operate the organization, which exists to promote the seventh-day Sabbath.

Eligible students

The contest is open to students in their junior year in high school (or home-schooled students one year away from college at the approximate age of 16-17) and to all college-age students up to age 25.

To apply, applicants must request an application from the BSA office, 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A.

Students must also submit a letter of recommendation from a high-school or college counselor or teacher and a recommendation from their church minister or elder or other leader in the Sabbath community, said Mrs. Narber.

The contest consists of an essay that answers two questions. The contest application will include the actual questions. The theme of this year's contest is "The Sabbath Community: Observance and Growth Issues."

Mrs. Harrison furnished three questions similar to those that might be asked:

  • "Why is the Sabbath important to you, and how do you keep it holy?"
  • "How do you believe is the best way of promoting the truth of the seventh-day Sabbath to communities or to the world at large?"
  • "How do you think cooperation can be promoted among Sabbath-keepers of different denominations or doctrinal positions?"

She said some, but not all, home-schooled students may apply. Ineligible are home-schoolers who are not enrolled in a "verifiable home-school learning program," she said.

Scholarships may be used for expenses at any trade school or university the winners are scheduled to enroll in for the fall semester of 2001. Prize money can be spent at any institute of higher learning. Trade schools, beauty schools and other career-preparation institutes are approved.

The contest will start in August 2000, with applications accepted through Feb. 1, 2001. Each applicant will be requested to subscribe to The Sabbath Sentinel magazine for one year (free of charge) along with his entry.

First-place winner will receive a scholarship for $750, second place $500 and third $250. The contest is open to any Sabbath-keeping Christian student regardless of church or organizational affiliation.

Judges, yet to be named, will be from various Sabbatarian backgrounds, including Church of God, Seventh Day Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist and unaffiliated.

Winning essays will run in The Sabbath Sentinel.

Donations solicited

Mrs. Narber said the BSA's goal is to raise $4,000 for the scholarship fund from donations, which are tax-deductible in the United States.

For more information write the BSA at the address above, or Mrs. Narber at PMB 193, 6325-9 Falls of Neuse Rd., Raleigh, N.C. 27615, U.S.A., or

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