CGI and CGOM plan joint Feast site

WICHITA, Kan.--The Church of God International, headquartered near Tyler, Texas, and Churches of God Outreach Ministries, an association of independent congregations, plans a joint Feast of Tabernacles site this year near Wagoner, Okla., announced Bill Fowler, one of two coordinators for the site.

Mr. Fowler, of Wichita, and Ron Elkins of Fouke, Ark., are the coordinators. Mr. Fowler pastors the Wichita Church of God 7th Day here, and Mr. Elkins pastors the CGI congregation in Texarkana, Texas.

The site will follow the Jewish calendar, with the Feast beginning the evening of Oct. 13.

Services will take place at Western Hills Lodge, in Sequoyah State Park, near Wagoner, which includes hotel rooms, cabins and camping facilities in a rustic setting on Lake Fort Gibson.

"CGI and CGOM have mutually agreed to share all Feast expenses," Mr. Fowler said. "The offerings will be separately identified for CGOM and CGI."

The two coordinators want to involve as many brethren in service activities as possible, said Mr. Fowler, "to show the unity of the Body of Christ, as it will be in the Kingdom of God."

Mr. Fowler noted that in the past several years, with smaller groups and organizations sponsoring Feast sites, sometimes a half a dozen observances can take place in the same city, especially in the United States.

"Many brethren have commented on how they have seen a longtime friend who had moved to another organization and how good it was to meet again at the Feast of Tabernacles," Mr. Fowler said. "Since we all understand there is only one Body of Christ, consisting of many organizations, groups and individuals, it seems it would be appropriate to share some of the overlapping Feast sites."

For more information contact Mr. Elkins at (870) 653-6043 or Rt. 3, Box 124, Fouke, Ark. 71837, U.S.A.

Or call or write Mr. Fowler at (800) 611-8080, or 532 N. Gordon, Wichita, Kan. 67203, U.S.A.

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