Temple series kicks off in Tyler

TYLER, Texas--Some Church of God members in East Texas over the next few months and years plan to promote a series of presentations called Temple Awareness Seminars.

The first such seminar, conducted March 11-12 in Tyler, featured as principal speaker a director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Joe Good of Nederland, Texas.

Mr. Good, a Sabbatarian Christian and former Baptist, operates Hatikva Ministries, which is devoted to Hebraic studies.

Mr. Good's presentation was sponsored by Mitchell Smith of Lindale and Tim Kelley of Hawkins and their East Texas Fellowship.

The two-day seminar featured a scale model of Herod's temple constructed by Steve Salter of Nederland.

Mr. Good elaborated on the priestly service and customs associated with the temple in the time of Jesus. He and friends say they are dedicated to projects that would ultimately result in the rebuilding of the temple before the return of the Messiah, including raising $37 million to pay for a full-scale model of the temple in Jerusalem that would be as accurate in as many details as possible.

Also making a presentation about Jerusalem and other parts of Israel was a local TV celebrity, Clint Yeatts, news anchorman for KLTV, channel 7.

Mr. Good plans to speak several times at Mr. Kelley's and Mr. Smith's Feast of Tabernacles site this fall at Lake Murray, Okla.

(The observance will begin the evening of Oct. 13).

For more information on the Feast site, contact Mr. Smith at (903) 882-7446 or or Mr. Kelley at (903) 769-2750 or

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