What's in issue No. 50, March 30, 2001?

The president and council of the United Church of God agree to one more year. Some observers think President Les McCullough had said he would step down after three years as the chief executive. But that's not what he said at the general conference of elders in March 1998. See the print version of The Journal for details and for the council of elders' discussions on divorce and remarriage, the nature of God, the decision on the new name for servant leadership and supplementing third-tithe funds by encouraging the needy to seek financial assistance from government agencies.

Some South Americans' contact with the Worldwide Church of God turned out to be a mixed blessing, according to Texas residents originally from Argentina. Before the WCG contact, La Iglesia Israelita del Nuevo Pacto could trace its history to the turn of the 20th century. After it met up with the WCG in the 1960s things were never quite the same. See the print version of The Journal for Darlene Warren's feature article.

A sometime critic of the CGOM lauds the directions of this year's CGOM conference in Oklahoma. Tom Justus liked what he heard and saw this year in Tulsa.

A new Internet forum promotes research and information about the Sabbatarian legacy of Ethiopians and African tribes in Central and West Africa.

The IBLC gets ready for its second annual women's conference in the Dallas area.

The Journal gets letters.

On the "Columns and Commentary" pages, Richard Griffiths laments that Americans ignore persecuted Christians in other parts of the world; Eric Snow thinks it's possible to achieve balance in the midst of zeal; Dave Havir reports on eccentrically unhelpful emergency rooms; Ellis Stewart writes about the humility of God; and Horst Obermeit tells how to comfort and how not to comfort at a funeral.

Preservationists in Pasadena cry foul because of the would-be buyer's plans to tear down historic buildings on the former Ambassador College campus. This article gives brief histories of some of the buildings. See the print version of The Journal.

The king of all of the Church of God Web-site publishers says the Churches of God are accomplishing more than most people think. In a Journal interview, Alan Ruth talks about "hierarchies," "independents" and ADD among the Churches of God.

The Tyler Church of God has a special Sabbath service for old-timers and visitors. The print version of The Journal includes several photographs of the event, at which CEM founder Ron Dart spoke about the corruption of American youth.

Aussies take note: Calamity is coming to Australia the fair. So warns Craig White in his essay. See the print version of The Journal.

In his essay Mitchell Smith says a Sunday-morning resurrection fits the facts and the typology. Mr. Smith (whose essay The Journal had scheduled before his death in an accident March 16) cites evidence that Jesus died Wednesday afternoon but rose on Sunday morning.

The United Church of God announces information for its 2001 summer and winter youth camps.

A CD-distributing Church of God member will appeal his conviction on charges of forgery. See the print version of The Journal.

The CEM announces Camp Wewoka for 2001.

The United Church of God publishes its booklet on clean and unclean meats.

United Christian Ministries and the Church of God Big Sandy plan to swap Feast of Tabernacles speakers in 2001.

"Notes and Quotes" reports a social in northern Arizona, a 40th-anniversary invitation to come back to Wichita, gnosticism now and then, a new Feast site--and more.

In Connections, Darlene Warren explains that predestination plays a major role in servant leadership.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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