Visitors to congregation hear about corruption of youth

By Dixon Cartwright

TYLER, Texas--Because the nation's youth are plugged into modern popular music with its sex-obsessed lyrics, America has a big problem, asserted Ron Dart at a special Sabbath service here March 10.

Mr. Dart, voice of the Born to Win radio broadcast on 108 stations worldwide, said a corrupt and pervasive view of art and music is a major reason American high-schoolers are doing what comes naturally, including shooting each other in classrooms and on playgrounds.

Writers of lyrics to popular music, and the kids who listen to them, "have come to actually hate beauty and despise art," he said. "It's a loathing of beauty."

Mr. Dart, 67-year-old founder of Christian Educational Ministries, sees a "pure hatred in what is called art and what is called music today: in rap and hip-hop music and the excrement and urine in what is called art."

The concept of "love" as a beautiful and inspiring thing has given way to "a contempt for beauty and also a contempt for love."

Artists and musicians "have tried to shock the bourgeoisie only to find themselves lagging behind the bourgeoisie with their taste in trash."

Edge in life

Mr. Dart concluded his message with a solution to the nation's problems: "Teach your children the meaning of love."

He made six points to help parents impart the concept of instilling concern for others in their offspring:

  • Marry someone you really love, "not just someone you have the hots for in a good-looking convertible."
  • Enter into a "covenant marriage" in which "you agree going in that we're not in this just to see if it works, and we'll be here until that last kid is gone."
  • "Bring children into this world when you're ready to give yourself to them."
  • "Shower them with affection while administering controlled discipline."
  • "Introduce your children to the fountain of all love--to the Father and to His Son--and help them understand what it means when you say God loves you."
  • Teach your children the "law of God as a guide to life, as a lamp to their feet and light to their path, as something to give them an edge in life. You don't teach it as shackles and chains, because the first impulse of our children will be to throw off the shackles and chains."

Several hours of fellowship

Mr. Dart was speaking to a special Sabbath service at the Tyler Church of God, which began November 1995 and meets in its own building at 6094 Copeland Rd., on the south edge of town. The congregation had specifically urged anyone who had ever attended with the members there in the five years of its history to return for the March 10 service.

The invitation was a direct result, elder Larry Watkins of Big Sandy, Texas, told The Journal, of a sermon Mr. Dart had delivered at a Feast of Tabernacles site last year in Niceville, Fla., in which he outlined a strategy for making contact with people who formerly attended a congregation and with new people (see "Christian Educational Ministries: Gypsies, Nomads and Floaters," Oct. 31, 2000, page 13).

The independent congregation is not officially affiliated with Mr. Dart's Christian Educational Ministries (CEM), but it is Mr. Dart's home church.

Taped versions of his sermons here and elsewhere go out on cassette tape to CEM's mailing list.

Before Mr. Dart spoke here March 10, Mr. Watkins conducted an interactive Bible study, the latest installment in a series that has gone on for two years about the book of Genesis. (The series is up to chapter 16.)

Then Pastor John Reedy of Tyler gave announcements and introduced baritone Roger Bryant of Sulphur Springs, Texas, who sang two songs, accompanied by his wife, Lyna Jane, on piano.

Mr. Bryant also led congregational singing.

After services the 63 people present (normal attendance is about 40) sat around tables for fellowship during a potluck meal. Then came several hours of postpotluck visiting until about 8 o'clock Saturday night. (The Bible study had started at 1 p.m.)

After services Mr. Watkins informed The Journal of a new station carrying Mr. Dart's Born to Win broadcast at an especially favorable time of day. The program has begun airing on KLJT, 102.3 FM, in Tyler daily at 5:30 p.m. This brings to 108 the number of stations in America, Canada, Australia, Bermuda and the Philippines.

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