United publishes clean-unclean booklet

The writer is managing editor of publications for the United Church of God, Milford, Ohio.

By Scott Ashley

ARVADA, Colo.--In March the United Church of God published its 25th booklet, What Does the Bible Teach About Clean and Unclean Meats?

Of the 34,000 copies printed, 24,000 were stitched into the March-April copies of The Good News magazine. The remaining 10,000 were printed and stitched as separate booklets for future distribution.

The 16-page magazine-size booklet contains sections titled "Clean and Unclean Meats: What Does the Bible Teach?," "Does the New Testament Abolish Meat Distinctions?" and "Clean and Unclean Meats: A Matter of Health?" It also includes an extensive list of animals divided into clean and unclean categories.

The booklet's primary author is David Treybig of Lubbock, Texas, pastor of several Texas UCG congregations.

In recent months the church has processed requests for more than 40,000 copies of the booklet Heaven & Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach? and more than 20,000 each of The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy and The Book of Revelation Unveiled.

UCG publications are available free by writing to Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A. Or visit

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