New forum devoted to Sabbath-keepers in Africa

SPERRY, Okla.--The Sabbath in Africa Internet forum, based on a book called The African Connection by Charles E. Bradford, launched Jan. 15.

The goals and purposes of the forum, according to one of its organizers, Marsha Basner of Sperry, is to promote research and disseminate information about the Sabbatarian legacy of Ethiopians and African tribes in Central and West Africa.

"The phenomenal discoveries found through these areas of discipline," said a forum announcement, "have confirmed the Hebrew origins and Sabbath legacy of many African tribes, a fact always known and acknowledged by Africans themselves, especially in many of their oral histories. The available research uncovered so far gives strong testimony to the primacy of the Sabbath in Africa."

The forum aims to discuss and explore the subject in a "scholarly and credible environment."

"We invite scholarly examination and discussion of this topic, as well as contributions to this area of research from all participants," said Ms. Basner.

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Sabbath Roots: The African Connection is available from the Bible Sabbath Association, 3316 Alberta Dr., Gillette, Wyo. 82718, U.S.A.;

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