What's in issue No. 17, June 30, 1998?

  • Former elders of the Philadelphia Church of God say the PCG is in the midst of a major crisis and is moving away from its founding principles. The Journal interviews three men who tell why they have left the PCG. Elder Don Roth of Wisconsin wrote an open letter to PCG pastor general Gerald Flurry, which is referred to in this month's issue of The Journal. The full text of Mr. Roth's open letter is reprinted here. For the complete interview with elders Don Roth, Michael Okamura and Randy Schafer, see the print version of The Journal.

  • The Philadelphia Church of God responds to the allegations by the PCG former elders (see above). The Journal talked with PCG spokesman Dennis Leap as well as Pastor General Gerald Flurry. Mr. Leap responds to three elders' allegations. See the print version of The Journal.

  • Rod Hall, a member of the United Church of God, an International Association, is helping spearhead a broadcast-media push for the UCG-AIA that includes 60-second commercials testing in cities on the U.S.-Canadian border. The Journal here publishes "The Making of a TV commercial," by Mr. Hall, a broadcast professional. For "Member Pushes TV for UCG" and "Meet the (TV) Family," including photos, see the print version of The Journal.

  • It's official: Much of the United Church of God United Kingdom leaves its affiliation with the UCG-AIA and unites with the Church of God, Monrovia, Calif. For details and quotes from both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the split, see the print version of The Journal.

  • President Les McCullough of the UCG-AIA, because of a financial crisis in the church, asks for a special offering from the brethren and calls a fast for the Sabbath of June 27.

  • The independent United Church of God Big Sandy, after its split with the UCG-AIA, is amending its bylaws and will almost certainly adopt a congregational form of government. For an update and on post-split events in Big Sandy, including photos, see the print version of The Journal.

  • The Church of God South Michigan, along with the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association, played host to 200 brethren for Pentecost services at which Mr. Armstrong spoke. Read the report by Alan Ruth of Barnabas Ministries.

  • Letters from our readers include the latest exchange of letters to the editor from from El Paso brethren growing out of the split in their church area. See also the letters as published here for late-breaking news about "In Him" newsletter, published by Gilford T. Montrose in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The information Mr. Montrose had asked The Journal to include in the print version has changed; the corrected update is here.

  • The page-3 editorials include articles by Roderick Meredith, Brian Knowles, Gerry Russell, Dave Havir and Melvin Rhodes. Dr. Meredith says Global is seeking the true biblical form of church government; Mr. Knowles tells what he would do differently in his ministry if he could do it all over again; Mr. Russell says the brethren can learn from the experiences of the Remnant Church of God in Africa; Mr. Havir asks readers where they are looking for their security; and Mr. Rhodes comments on a situation in the churches that gets "curiouser and curiouser." The situation is so curious, in fact, that he likens it to a pudding.

  • Pekka Vuorio writes about "following the leader." He declares that 1 Corinthians 1:10, about all speaking "the same thing," is a mistranslation.

  • In his essay, Tim McCaulley reveals how to decipher the doublespeak of corporate politics. He recommends substituting "corporation" for "church" in many communications by church officials. The meaning, after the substitution, can become much clearer. See the print version of The Journal.

  • The Church of God International sponsors a weekend meet at Morehead, Ky. Speakers talk about "headline theology," how to study the Bible and the work of the watchman. CGI business manager Benny Sharp sings "Green, Green Grass of Home."

  • Bill Stough writes about Bill and Sally Rollins of the Church of God Sabbath Day in Omaha, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Rollins, in 1995, decided to be completely open about their beliefs. As a result, they say, their congregation has experienced unexpected growth. Other groups should be able to make use of their ideas.

  • Don Wood of Barre, Vt., who until June was a member of the Worldwide Church of God, writes an open letter to the WCG. He describes the WCG leadership as encouraging the brethren to pick and choose among contradictory doctrines. "We really don't have an answer for that question," he says elders are prone to say. Mr. Wood has much to say about the loss of the WCG's traditional Last Great Day teaching.

  • Rick Sherrod, speaking about the United States and Britain in prophecy, tours Australia on a shoestring budget. Craig White reports.

  • Ian Boyne of the CGI in Jamaica reports on the church's activities and plans for the Caribbean area. He also reports on the visit by Bronson James of the CGI's home office to Jamaica.

  • The Journal interviews Cornerstone Publishing's Jim Rector. Mr. Rector, who has suffered severe health problems in recent years, tells about his ministry, including recent changes in his Sabbath-service format. He talks about the rumor that he is seeking a "speaking in tongues" experience (not true, he says) and his views on "Torah observance."

  • The Lake Tahoe Feast site moves to Felton, Calif., this year, reports Jack Lane. Dr. Lane's site, as usual, will accommodate more than one festival-calendar system.

  • The Christian Churches of God, headquartered in Australia, plans the reading of the law for the 1998 Feast of Tabernacles at several sites, including locations in Texas, Missouri and Minnesota. Read the July 10 update that supplements the information in the June 30 issue.

  • The Church of God Dallas-Fort Worth designs a "basic truths" study course that other brethren could use to instruct people in Bible subjects. "The class can be duplicated by other churches to teach new members or to review long-time members," says Diane McDonnell, an instructor.

  • The Church of God Twin Cities of Minnesota observed its first anniversary May 28. Tony Stith reports on a year of "spiritual birthing."

  • "Notes and Quotes" includes announcements about planned Feast sites in Tennessee and Florida as well as one in Northern Wales to be sponsored by the UCG-AIA now that most UCG-AIA-affiliated congregations and members in Britain have left to affiliate with the Church of God, Monrovia, Calif.

  • "Connections: Member to Member," an advertising supplement to The Journal published by Mark Farmer and Harvest Cos., is up to eight pages in this issue. "Connections" includes a list of Feast of Tabernacles sites for 1998. It also contains some helpful ideas for church bulletins. For the full eight pages of display ads, classified ads, announcements, prayer requests, articles and features for children, see the print version of The Journal.

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