Church of God South Michigan's Pentecost includes GTA address

By Alan Ruth

JACKSON, Mich.-The Church of God South Michigan, in cooperation with the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association and the Intercontinental Church of God, conducted Pentecost-weekend services here May 30-31. Guest speaker for the Sabbath and festival service was Garner Ted Armstrong, founder of the ICG. Attendance was 209 for the Sabbath and 192 for Pentecost.

Visitors from several states and Canada on the Sabbath heard Dale Riley speak on the gifts of God's Spirit. Mr. Riley admonished listeners to use their personal, God-given talents to help the Church of God to grow.

The brethren must go beyond the corporate church organizational mind-set that promotes inactivity of its members, he said, and become vital participants in God's work. When the brethren aren't serving, Mr. Riley warned, the Body of Christ suffers.

Mr. Armstrong began his message by briefly discussing current events and the possibility of his TV program making a periodic appearance on cable TV's Family Channel. He also stated that a new booklet, Mideast Strife: Will It Lead to Armageddon is ready for distribution.

Mr. Armstrong's Sabbath message discussed the "work of the watchman" and how the prophet Ezekiel never met the people he prophesied about. Ezekiel's message is for today, said Mr. Armstrong, and the brethren must continue the work of the watchman.

God's love for humanity was Mr. Armstrong's theme on Pentecost. He expounded on how God, through Jesus, first sent the opportunity of forgiveness to those who hated and murdered their Savior.

The weekend was special for fellowship groups from the Canadian province of Toronto and Fort Wayne, Ind., in that they received certificates designating them charter churches of the ICG. The brethren witnessed the baptism of Andrea Stern and Dave Thompson.

For more information about the evangelistic association and the Intercontinental Church of God, write P.O. Box 1117, Tyler, Texas 75710, U.S.A. Or visit, which is linked with Barnabas Ministries' site,

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