CGI sponsors weekend meet at Morehead, Ky.

The writer is a member of the CGI and employee of the CGI's home office, near Tyler, Texas.

By Darren Cary

MOREHEAD, Ky.--A special Church of God International Bible-study weekend bore much good fruit March 27-29. It was jam-packed with Bible studies, informational discussions, updates and leadership meetings, not to mention free meals and plenty of uplifting fellowship.

It was, in effect, a mini-Feast compacted into a single weekend. The atmosphere seemed to tingle with electricity. Ministers and other members mingled together as long-lost friends.

Friday evening began with an informative Bible study by Orville Bumgardner on "how to study your Bible." Sabbath morning began with enlightening information about the "state of the work," shared by CGI elder Charles Groce and business manager Benny Sharp, both of whom live near the church's home office in the Tyler, Texas, area.

Much information was shared on why certain administrative decisions had to be made.

Following on the heels of their messages, Bill Watson, an elder from Ohio, discussed "responsibilities of the ministry."

Wayne Hendrix illumined his listeners with "What the Congregations Owe the Ministry." Bob Tackett followed with a ministerial-council update.

During the Sabbath service, Mr. Groce warned against the dangers of "headline theology," which he defined as searching out spectacular headlines in the news upon which to base one's theology.

He endeavored to show-from the Scriptures-who the Ezekiel watchman was: Ezekiel (Ezekiel 3:17; 33:7). God told Ezekiel to write his warnings in a book that became part of the Bible.

The Bible-including Ezekiel's exhortations-is a warning for Israel and the world today.

Although we are to watch world events individually and collectively, we are to especially watch ourselves and our attitudes, to repent and to be better people.

Two men serving as CGI elders in Kentucky were ordained: Bob Swimm (Fort Thomas and northern Kentucky) and Richard Williams (Morehead and various congregations).

Ferrel Vincent of the Louisville congregation was ordained a deacon.

Saturday evening saw a fun show and square dances called by Mr. Tackett. Bobby Whitt coaxed talent and comedy out of many of the participants, including a surprise performance by Mr. Sharp, who sang "The Green, Green Grass of Home."

Sunday morning Mr. Groce and Mr. Sharp conducted a leadership meeting and solicited questions and comments from those present. The speakers emphasized that the message of repentance and salvation needs to be stressed by this "work of the watchman."

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