Listing of Feast of Tabernacles site for 1998

Following is a list of Feast of Tabernacles sites for 1998 that The Journal was aware of by the deadline for this issue. This list is scheduled to be updated as new sites become known.

Unless otherwise noted, all will observe the Feast Oct. 5-12.

Abbreviations for certain groups and phone numbers to call for more information include: CEM (Christian Educational Ministries), (903) 509-2999; CGI (Church of God International), (903) 825-2525; CGOM (Church of God Outreach Ministries), (800) 611-8080; GCG (Global Church of God), (619) 675-2222; ICG (Intercontinental Church of God), (903) 561-7070; UCG (United Church of God, an international association), (818) 294-0800; UCM (United Christian Ministries), (888) 985-9066; and WCG (Worldwide Church of God), (818) 304-6110. Other independent sites are noted in the text.

The Philadelphia Church of God's sites are open to PCG members only and are not listed in the text. For more information, call the PCG's headquarters in Edmond, Okla., at (405) 340-7474.

The Christian Biblical Church of God plans at least eight Feast sites this fall, elder Fred Coulter said. He requested that The Journal not list sites but that those interested call (408) 637-1875 for information. Updated information on sites is also available at the church's Web site,

Listing here does not constitute endorsement by The Journal of any Feast of Tabernacles site or of any site's sponsoring organization or individuals.

If readers are aware of any Feast sites not listed, please contact The Journal via fax at (903) 636-9965, by regular mail at P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A., or by E-mail at

United States, Canada, Caribbean:

Alabama: Orange Beach (Learning Together), (618) 344-5203).

British Columbia: Vernon (GCG), (619) 675-2222. Kelowna (UCG) (818) 294-0800.

California: Desert Hot Springs (GCG), (619) 675-2222; Redding (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Monterey Peninsula, A Church of God Ministry (Lon Lacey), (505) 822-8709; San Diego (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Lake Tahoe (tentative), (ICG) (903) 561-7070. For housing, contact Lake Tahoe, "The Way" Publications. For housing, call Scott's Valley Chamber of Commerce (408) 438-1010, or Felton Chamber of Commerce (408) 335-2764 about housing.

Caribbean: (GCG) (619) 675-2222.

Colorado: Snowmass Village (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Breckenridge (UCM), (888) 985-9066). Colorado Springs, Churchlight Publications (Jack Hines), (719) 473-0026. Feast will be Oct. 7-14.

Florida: Destin, United Church of God Big Sandy, (903) 636-5227. Orlando (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Destin (CEM), (903) 509-2999, Destin, Congregation of YHWH, (904) 581-2820, Panama City (UCG), (818) 294-0800, Panama City Beach (CGI), (903) 825-2525. Panama City Beach, United Biblical Churches of God (Charles Kimbrough), observes Feast Oct. 7-14. Call (352) 621-7888 for details. Panama City Beach (ICG), (903) 561-7070. Daytona Beach, The House of God (Manuel Rojas, pastor) and Church of God United of Chicago, Ill. (Don Deakins), (904) 673-8324. Panama City (GCG), (619) 675-2222.

Georgia: Jekyll Island (UCG), (818) 294-0800.

Hawaii: Kauai (UCG), (818) 294-0800.

Idaho: Sun Valley, unaligned independent site, by Adam and Jennifer Miller. For more details, call (520) 772-5985.

Jamaica: Ocho Rios (CGI), (903) 825-2525.

Kentucky: Louisville (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Kenlake State Park Resort, independent site. For information, contact Henry Anderson, (501) 968-4546

Michigan: Ludington, unaligned independent site sponsored by several families who attended the Servants' News site at Burr Oak, Ohio last year. For information, call Darrell West, (517) 521-3630, or Mike and Keely Salisbury, (517) 224-6141.

Missouri: Branson (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Branson (GCG), (619) 675-2222; Branson (ICG), (903) 561-7070. Lake of the Ozarks (Cornerstone Publications, Jim Rector). For information, call (903) 792-1352. Jefferson City, Church of the Great God (John Ritenbaugh). Restricted to members only; call (800) 878-8220 for information.

Oklahoma: Wagoner (CGI), (903) 825-2525; Tulsa (Triumph Prophetic Ministries; Bill Dankenbring). For information call Craig Van Patten at (909) 597-7668, or write 15111 Pipeline Ave., SP266; Chino Hills, Calif. 91709.).

Ontario: Niagara Falls (GCG), (619) 675-2222. Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Canadian Church of God, contact Robert Stapelton at (519) 836-4082, or call the church office at (416) 531-9701.

Oregon: Florence (GCG), (619) 675-2222; Sun River (CGOM), (800) 611-8080; Sun River (independent, unaligned), Call Al Murky, (541) 881-8600. Sis-q-Meadows (Cave Junction), Omega Praise Fellowship (541) 855-7220.

Pennsylvania: Poconos (UCG), (818) 294-0800.

Quebec: Mont-Orford (GCG), (619) 675-2222.

Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Island (GCG), (619) 675-2222.

South Carolina: Hilton Head Island, End Time Assembly of God, (800) 768-0137.

Tennessee: Nashville (CGOM), (800) 611-8080; Pigeon Forge (GCG), (619) 675-2222; Gatlinburg (UCM), (888) 985-9066). Servants' News (Norm Edwards) will not sponsor a site of its own this year, but the Edwardses and others will be assisting at this site. Lewisburg (Church of God Fellowship) will be host to a feast site at Horton Haven Christian Camp and Conference Grounds at Lewisburg. For more information call Paul H. Bell at (615) 896-9365 or Wilfred K. Saulsberry at (931) 294-2127.

Texas: Big Sandy, United Church of God Big Sandy, (903) 636-5227. Corpus Christi (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Kerrville (GCG), (619) 675-2222: San Antonio (CGOM), (800) 611-8080; call Julian Cruz, (210) 333-7229. San Antonio (Christian Church of God, Jeff Booth), (806) 353-4400. Christian Church of God (Australia), Wimberly, near San Marcos, Christian Churches of God; this will be a combined Mexican-American-Canadian site. Contact coordinator James Dailley, (519) 740-0866. Lake Texoma, reserved by Sabbatarian Church of God minister Tom Justus. For more information, contact Mr. Justus at (501) 751-9535.

Washington: Ocean Shores, Christian Renewal Ministries International, (800) 333-5208.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Dells (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Little Chute, Church Counsel (J. Purvins), (920) 733-5271.

Wyoming: Jackson Hole (GCG), (619) 675-2222.

Other countries:

Australia and Pacific: Ballina, New South Wales (CGI), (903) 825-2525; Lanceston, Tasmania (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Merimbula, New South Wales (UCG) (818) 294-0800; Nelson Bay, New South Wales (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Noosa Heads, Queensland (UCG), (818) 294-0800; Cottesloe Beach (Perth), Western Australia (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Endeavor Hills, Mulwala, Australia (independent; for information write: P.O. Box 179, Endeavor Hills 3802, Australia, or fax 03 9 886 3518). Manila and Naga City, Philippines (CGI), (903) 825-2525. New Zealand, Taupo (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Tonga, Nuku'alofa (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Dumaguete City, Negros, Philippines (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Baguio City, Philippines (GCG).

Central and South America: Chile, Maitencillo (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Mexico, Acapulco (UCG), (818) 294-0800, Peru, Trujillo (UCG) (818) 294-0800. Guatemala, Antigua (UCG), (818) 294-0800. United Church of God-AIA is also planning Feast sties in Bolivia and Colombia, but locations were unavailable at press time. Call (818) 294-0800 for information.

Europe, Middle East and Africa: Denmark, Ebeltoft (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Tartu, Estonia (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Port d'Albret, France (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Hengelhort, Belgium, (GCG). Winterberg, Germany (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Italy, Sabaudia (UCG), (818) 294-0800. The Netherlands, Wezuperbrug, Drenthe (UCG), (818) 294-0800. England, Cheltenham Spa, (GCG). United Kingdom, Llandudno, North Wales (UCG), (818) 294-0800. (UCG), (818) 294-0800 South Africa, Uvongo (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Kenya, Naro Moru (UCG), (818) 294-0800. Zimbabwe, Mutare (UCG), (818) 294-0800. United Church of God-AIA is also planning sites in Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda in Africa and at various sites in Israel and Jordan, but locations were unavailable at press time. Call (818) 294-0800 for information. GCG is planning an Israel tour in conjunction with the Feast. Kerkendel, Kootwijk, Netherlands, Christian Churches of God; write coordinator Bonne Rook, P.O. Box 56, 8316 ZH Marknesse, Netherlands, for information. Carberry Towers, Scotland (Intercontinental Church of God [Garner Ted Armstrong]) (903) 561-7070.

The Global Church of God, (619) 675-2222, plans international in Mexico, Australia, Belgium, England, Guyana, Jamaica, Kenya, Martinique, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu. Locations were not available at press time; call GCG for information.

A small, unaligned Feast site in Ireland is available for European brethren. For information, contact 253 Castlecatt Rd., Dervock, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, BT53 8BN. Telephone and fax: +44-126-57-41616.

WCG Feast sites: The Worldwide Church of God will meet for its Fall Festival at 10 U.S. sites this year. They include Anchorage, Alaska; Oahu, Hawaii; Seaside, Ore.; Palm Springs, Calif.; Vail, Colo.; Davenport, Iowa; Hot Springs, Ark.; Lexington, Ky.; Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; and Myrtle Beach, S.C.

A festival tour is scheduled for Ghana; information on other WCG international sites was unavailable at press time.

For information, call the WCG at (818) 304-6110.

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