Notes and quotes

Second printing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.--The second printing of Steven Collins' book The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel-Found! was to have been completed by June 30, Mr. Collins said. It's also available in electronic form at

Mr. Collins suffers severe health problems. "I'm still in physical therapy, but it will soon end. I think they are basically giving up on finding anything that will help me. It looks like I will live in continued painful disability until God or time heals me. Prayers for God's merciful intervention to stop this pain are much appreciated as I can do little until the pain stops."

CGI newsletter covers important issues

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International's Twenty-First Century Watch newsletter for June includes an article by Darren Cary provocatively titled "When 'Jesus' Is Not the Answer," and Vance Stinson writes "The Mystery of the Ages Revealed at Last!"

A free brochure, Who Rides the White Horse?, on the identity of the Four Horsemen, is offered. Write the CGI at P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, or call (903) 825-2525. Or visit on the Internet.

CGI offers newWeb service

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International's Web site ( accepts prayer requests. Click onto the "Prayer Request" link and fill in your information.

Each Thursday morning the church's home-office elders meet together and read each prayer request aloud. Then they kneel and pray over them.

Those without Internet access may mail prayer requests to CGI, P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, or call (903) 825-2525.

Fellowship picnic planned

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--The Fellowship Picnic for all former and current members of any Church of God in the Kansas City area is planned for Sunday, Sept. 13, at shelter No. 3 at Longview Lake. For more information contact Diane Cacchio at or (816) 524-2442.

Tennessee Feast

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Church of God Fellowship, based in Nashville, will sponsor a Feast of Tabernacles site at Horton Haven Christian Camp and Conference Grounds near Lewisburg, Tenn. Paul H. Bell is the minister, and Wilfred K. Saulsberry is an elder.

The Church of God Fellowship will convene for the Feast at Horton Haven Christian Camp and Conference Grounds. Horton Haven is adjacent to Henry Horton State Park at Lewisburg. The dates of the Feast are Oct. 5-12.

Hospitality night will start at 7 o'clock Oct. 4 in the lounge of Horton Haven Conference Lodge.

Sixty members of the Church of God observed the 1997 festivals. Members from several independent churches in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas attended last year.

For more information call Mr. Bell at (615) 896-9365 or Mr. Saulsberry at (931) 294-2127. Or E-mail them at

Florida Feast site

LANTANA, Fla.--The Christian Church of God will sponsor the Feat of Tabernacles Oct. 7-14 near West Palm Beach, Fla. For more information call Neville Gilbert at (561) 547-4952, or write the CCG (not affiliated with the CCG of Amarillo, Texas), P.O. Box 3827, Lantana, Fla. 33465.

Mark of the beast

FLINT, Texas--For Garner Ted Armstrong's new booklet about the mark of the beast, write the GTA Evangelistic Association at P.O. Box 747, Flint, Texas 75762.

Mr. Armstrong also announced he plans to speak at three Feast sites this year, in Panama City Beach, Fla.; Kimberling City, Mo.; and Kings' Beach, Calif. For more information, write the above address, or call (903) 561-7070.

New UCG-AIA site in Wales

WARRINGTON, England-John Jewell, a UCG-AIA elder in the United Kingdom, announced June 29 that the church plans to sponsor a Feast site in Conway, in North Wales. The site is five miles south of the UCG-UK site at Llandudno, Mr. Jewell said.

Phone Mr. Jewell at (44) (0) 1257-450829 or David Fenney at (44) (0) 1925-764604. Or E-mail

Deaf coordinators step down

BIG SANDY, Texas--The coordinators for deaf UCG-AIA brethren resigned as of June 30 in a letter to President Les McCullough.

Brian and Sharon Bettes say they will continue to serve any deaf members of the Church of God who desire services, including United members, but not under United's banner.

The Betteses also informed the UCG-AIA they will not attend the Feast of Tabernacles in October in Louisville, Ky., to interpret sermons for the deaf but will observe the Feast in Big Sandy at the UCG Big Sandy's site.

Mr. Bettes said he does not want to draw deaf church members away from his former affiliation, "but if any choose to come here we will serve them."

The Journal plans to ask the UCG-AIA's main office if the church still plans to provide services for the deaf at the Louisville Feast site and report on any such plans in the July issue.

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