What's in issue No. 12, Jan. 30, 1998?

  • Garner Ted Armstrong, CGI parting and regrouping

  • 250 meet for 'Footsteps' in Oklahoma (The Journal reports from on the spot)

  • Sabbath-keepers' user's-group meeting set for Denver, Colo.

  • Why would council of elders of United remove David Hulme from presidency?

  • Two council members report on Arcadia meetings, firing

  • Letters from our readers
  • Brethren must always be looking to God's Apostle (column by Dave Havir)

  • Is The Journal a spiritual tabloid? (column by Melvin Rhodes)

  • Are the churches paralyzed by fear? (editorial by Bill Stough)

  • When is fear a four-letter word? (editorial by Scarlett Stough)

  • Shouldn't the Church of God have ordained leaders? (essay by a Global Church of God elder, Doug Winnail)

  • The soul debate: When comes consciousness after death? (essay by Samuele Bacchiocchi)

  • Global and United churches meet together in Germany

  • CGI wants visibility, contact with other Church of God groups

  • Garner Ted Armstrong says it is 'necessary' to begin again (The Journal interviews Mr. Armstrong)

  • Ken Westby talks about the 'East Coast Rebellion' of 1974 (a Journal interview with Mr. Westby in Colorado Springs). Was Mr. Westby really the bad guy in this early split?

  • They say the best Friend is always a great listener (column by Jamie Cartwright)

  • Better get ready for the bytes of the millennial bug (article by Drury Marc Sylvester)

  • 2000 is almost here; what can you do? (also by Mr. Sylvester, a sidebar to above article)

  • IBLC names new officers , renews service emphasis

  • Dutch employee fired; brethren coming to his aide (about the termination of Jan Zijderveld)

  • Open letter from Monica Kieffer to council gives Jan Zijderveld chronology

  • In their words: How are United and Global different? (article by Robert J. Thiel)

  • Friend of Basil remembers encounters with the toon man (a tribute to Basil Wolverton by Brian Knowles). The print version includes Mr. Wolverton's award-winning depiction of "Lena the Hyena," judged the ugliest girl in Lower Slobovia by Salvador Dali, Boris Karloff and Frank Sinatra.

  • Ron Dart set to visit Florida fellowship

  • CGI launches 'Armor of God' on TV

  • Harvest Cos. and The Journal plan joint advertising effort

  • Notes and quotes

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