Global and United churches meet together in Germany

STUTTGART, Germany--At a special UCG-Germany worship service here the Sabbath of Jan. 17, visiting brethren from the Global Church of God heard guest messages given as split sermons from Larry Salyer, a member of the Global council of elders, and Global legal representative Norbert Link, both of whom were visiting from Global headquarters in San Diego, Calif.

GCG elder Rees Ellis from Belgium also attended, as did about 15 Global members from Germany and Switzerland.

The total attendance for the activity was 60.

"UCG-Germany had extended the invitation to its brethren from the Body of Christ who are members of the Global Church since GCG does not yet have a resident elder in Germany and UCG-Germany wants to promote more cooperation within the Body of Christ in the German-language region," said Paul Kieffer.

Mr. Kieffer, a United Church of God elder, lives with his wife, Monica, in Bonn.

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