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New Christmas paper

WODEN, Australia--The Christian Churches of God has announced additions to its Internet sites. The statement of beliefs and other papers are now available in French and Dutch as well as English. They can be accessed at and

Translators are also working on a new paper, "The Origins of Christmas and Easter," by Wade Cox. The editor of an Australian newspaper suggested the writing of this work.

Global on TV in Philippines

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--The Global Church of God has recently begun to air its telecast, The World Ahead, on channel 11 at 9 a.m. Sundays in Manila, Philippines. Global recently added eight new stations to its telecast list, including another Spanish station.

'Reader's Digest' ads generate 'GN' subscribers

ARCADIA, Calif.--The United Church of God, an International Association, has received 46,000 responses to three Reader's Digest ads run to date, offering free subscriptions to The Good News magazine, although the ads have yet to run in about a third of the states in the United States.

According to an article in the Dec. 15 edition of New Beginnings, the UCG member newsletter, "currently, more than 32,000 people who subscribed from a Reader's Digest ad are still receiving The Good News." The article stated that about half of the readers will renew for one or more additional years.

Some 71,000 copies of the January-February 1998 Good News were published, the article stated.

Book examines Passover

PALM BAY, Fla.--Paul R. Finch has written The Passover Papers: Controversy, Myth, Fairy Tales and Nonsense!

He examines such issues as the time element of the original Passover and the correct time of the last supper of Jesus and presents his views on how to determine the correct date on which to observe the Passover. He said the book is based on 25 years of research. It has 333 pages and more than 500 footnotes.

"A limited number of prepublication copies will be available in February for review purposes based upon the amount of interest shown," said a prepublication announcement. To reserve a copy, contact him by E-mail at, or write Sunrise Publications, P.O. Box 110155, Palm Bay, Fla. 32911.

DFW singles' schedule

DALLAS, Texas--An activity for singles begins Jan. 31 in Dallas and will continue on the last Sabbath of each month, said David Sullins.

"We intend to make these activities open to all singles of all denominations" of the Church of God, he said.

On the last Sabbath of each month, the Dallas­Fort Worth­area UCG singles plan to have a meal and round-table discussion including singles of any and all organizations.

For more information, E-mail Mr. Sullins at

1998 Passover feast announcement

WODEN, Australia--The Christian Churches of God will observe the Passover feast beginning April 9 at several main sites around the world. The main site in Australia will be at Canberra. In Mexico it will be at Monterey, and elsewhere in North America it will be held at Savannah, Tenn. Those interested in observing the Passover with the CCG are asked to telephone Wade Cox, coordinator general, in Australia at 044-712106; James Dailley, North American coordinator, at (519) 740-0866; or Ivan Balderas, representative to Mexico, at (512) 516-0744

"This year, Friday evening, which is the beginning of Nisan 15, will be the time for the Passover meal, and it will also begin the Sabbath of April 11," said a CCG press release. "It will also begin the Days of Unleavened Bread, which always begin the day after the Passover meal."

WCG income, expenses decline from 1996

PASADENA, Calif.--Income and expenses of the Worldwide Church of God and its Plain Truth Ministries showed declines of 19 percent from 1996 to 1997.

According to a comparative income-and-expense statement in the Dec. 23 edition of The Worldwide News, 1997 income was $38,774,759, down 19.9 percent from the 1996 income of $48,431,200. Expenses for 1997 were $38,959,379, down 19.7 percent from the 1996 expenses of $48,503,113.

CRC set for New Orleans

TYLER, Texas--Christian Educational Ministries, based here, has announced that it will hold a Christian Renewal Conference in New Orleans Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, at the Covington­New Orleans North Shore Holiday Inn.

Speakers will include CEM founder Ron Dart, Steve Sanders and Larry Watkins.

Rick Sherrod to Australia

SYDNEY, Australia--Rick Sherrod, a Church of God elder and researcher on modern Israel in prophecy who lives in Stephenville, Texas, plans a speaking tour of Australia beginning June 10. He plans to visit Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Toowoomba and possibly Melbourne and Coffs Harbour.

For information call (02) 9745 2964 (Sydney), or E-mail Craig White at Or Write History Research Projects, GPO Box 864, Sydney 2001, Australia.

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