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UCG Elders vote by slim margin to move headquarters to Texas
Conference of Church Leaders convenes to talk about the diversity and defense of congregations
Church of God Big Sandy sends board member to help UCG split in El Salvador
Former Ambassador College student commits suicide in bank
Oklahoma tornado kills Church of God couple
Unexpected resignation alters United Church of God's council
United Church of God's Texas move hits a snag
Church of God member's son cited for bravery in Iraq
Samuele Bacchiocchi claims Catholic University is libeling him, wants apology
Dr. Bacchiocchi says 'case closed' after partial apology.
Other News and Articles
Herbert Armstrong's face pops up on Drudge Web site
Christian woman's journey theme of annual East Texas Women's Conference
Everybody wins at Winter Family Tournament
Brethren in El Salvador hear Church of God Big Sandy history
The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacle 2007 sites.
Issue 122 and Issue 123 reports on 2007 Feast of Tabernacles observances.
Camp reminds writer of universal desire for spiritual growth.
Church of God 7th Day Meridian's 2007 Camp Meeting carries on half-century family tradition
Military takeover has little effect on Thailand ministry
Former Worldwide Church of God elders planning January Dallas conference
Youth Educational Activities report: Tales from Wewoka Woods
Church member, CIA employee, tells what he believes is important's Popularity Exceeds 2006 totals on August 1 Web site attracts half-million visitors in 2007
Mother's loss leads to visit with baby she helped save
This superman of health promotes seniors' fitness
Settlement reached in Port Austin Bible Campus Lawsuit
Ambassador College reunioners say it was just like being in college again
I was ready for a visit with the ghosts of campus past
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
6,000 years for mankind as understood by Churches of God still valid by Steven M. Collins
An open letter to Ron Dart: We are not cowards by Thomas M. Geiger
Kingship is majesty of the ordinary man by Kathleen McCann
Root of bitterness clouds good judgment by Dave Havir
Of the hunting of heresy there is no end by Brian Knowles
Are there CO hawks in the Churches of God? by Wes White
Should we worry about being agreed? by Dixon Cartwright
Beware the leaven of your group's leaders by Harry Curley
Assemble together to edify one another by Dave Havir
Secessionist principles saved the church by Mac Overton
Are we really ambassadors for Christ? by Ewin Barnett
Issue 120:   Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events
Issue 121:   Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events
Issue 122:   Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events
Issue 123:   Letters to EditorNotes & Quotes  and  Life Events

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