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Youth Educational Activities report:
Tales from Wewoka Woods
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Youth Educational Activities report:
Tales from Wewoka Woods
By R. Gerald Saul

The writer served as an associate counselor at this year's YEA summer camp. He is a college student majoring in mathematics and plans a career as a high-school math teacher.

WEWOKA, Okla.--The 2007 edition of Christian Educational Ministries' YEA (Youth Educational Activities) summer camp kicked off June 24 at the Wewoka Woods Adventist Center near here.

The 46 campers had traveled from 12 states, from California to Georgia, to be a part of the yearly event. Nearly half of them were there for the first time.

After an active week, campers began heading home on July 1, with camp written into the history books as a great success.

This year's camp's Bible-study lessons focused on relationships.

Romantic relationships

The whirlwind of studies, written by a team led by Paula Hughes of Arp, Texas, and Erin Moore of Rogersville, Mo., dealt with relationships with God, family, friends and community and the ever-popular subject of romantic relationships.

The small group studies that took place each morning were part of a week-long effort devoted to regular Bible study in small and large groups.

The most interactive part of the week's studies involved pairing off the campers and giving them a "baby" Ping-Pong ball to take care of for 24-hours, compliments of Beth Meese of Catlin, Ill.

Creative solutions were hatched as the campers were forced to make arrangements while they were "working" at their various activities.

And a partridge in a pear tree?

Each day of camp consisted of four activity periods, three square meals, two Bible studies and one different camp activity each night.

Campers had to be flexible because rain nearly every day of the week forced some activities indoors and canceled others.

The weather was, however, a welcome change from years past when temperatures climbed into the high 90s and made afternoon outdoor activities uncomfortable.

The much-needed rain also made skiing and tubing on the lake a lot more fun. Lake levels were nearly eight feet higher than last year's historic low.

That was a good thing because camp director and boat captain Larry Watkins of Big Sandy, Texas, needed all of the lake to commission the first two generals into the air force. Stephine Tarrant of Crescent, Okla., and Alyssa Pence of Oklahoma City launched high into the air while tubing, shattering the previous record, held by Max Packard of Leavenworth, Kan., and Patrick Monahan of Tonganoxie, Kan.

The world? Deal with it

Camp is a time when teens share experiences and learn from each other about how to deal with the world around them.

For many, camp is the one time of year spent with other teens of like faith, a cherished opportunity.

Through the Internet and cell phones, keeping in touch is easier than ever, and most take advantage of those technologies.

Groups have formed on social-networking sites including Facebook and MySpace, enabling campers to stay connected throughout the year.

Just search for "YEA Summer Camp" to get in touch with us!

This year Christian Educational Ministries also has plans to keep in touch with campers, promoting programs like Pray21 and providing a "huddle" at this year's Feast in Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

Feast site

For more information about events at the Feast, call Christian Educational Ministries, or go to CEM's Web site,

Another favorite activity of this year's camp was the multiple dances held throughout the week.

Participation is always encouraged, but little motivation is usually needed to get everyone on the dance floor.

Some of the campers who enjoyed this activity the most had never been to a proper dance before, and it was lots of fun watching them cut a rug.

So many memories but too little space to write about them all!

But if you like what you've read and heard and want to be a part next year, let us know.

We are still working out the 2008 schedule and may be forced to use a new facility, so we need to know if you're interested.

You can drop Larry Watkins a line at, or call him at 1-888-BIBLE-44.

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