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Ambassador College reunioners say
it was just like being in college again
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Ambassador College reunioners say
it was just like being in college again
By John Warren

DALLAS, Texas--"We were young again!" exclaimed a member of the AC class of 1977 in describing the reunion of his classmates in August.

The Ambassador College, Big Sandy, graduating class of 1977 got together for its 30th-year reunion here Aug. 3-5, 2007.

Most reunion activities took place at the Omni Park West hotel in Dallas.

A planning committee composed of Charles and Jacque (Harvey) Melear of Fort Collins, Colo., Jeff Wahlen of Orlando, Fla., Debbie Wood of Tyler, Texas, Laura (Tomich) Worthen of Big Sandy, Michelle (Bumpers) Quant of Burleson, Texas, Carol (Galloway) Wallach of Corona, Calif., Terry Willhoite of Monrovia, Calif., and Steve Schantz of Melbourne, Fla., organized a full weekend of events that provided many opportunities for classmates and friends to get reacquainted.

Mrs. Worthen handled the registration of classmates and guests beginning at 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 3, and provided everyone with an itinerary of the weekend's events.

At 6 p.m. Mr. Wahlen made some opening comments and introduced a PowerPoint presentation titled "A Return to Texas" that was a humorous and nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The pictures featured many classmates and some instructors, college activities and class trips.

Former deputy chancellor

Activities Saturday began with more fellowship time from 9:30 until a brunch at 10:30 a.m.

During brunch Ron Berlin of Red Oak, Texas, with the assistance of Mrs. Melear, led participants in a game called AC Jeopardy that pitted the women against the men. After taking a big, early lead, the women let the men get back into the game, which ended in a tie.

When the meal and game were over, Scott Moss of Bluffton, Ind., coordinated a group picture at poolside [see photo below].

A church service began at 2:30 with Lenny Cacchio of Lee's Summit, Mo., serving as song leader and included a message by Ron Dart of Whitehouse, Texas, who was the deputy chancellor at the Big Sandy campus when the class of 1977 entered as freshmen in 1973.

Mr. Cacchio said about Mr. Dart's sermon: "He is no longer an exclusivist, and it is always reassuring to hear someone who was a highly regarded leader in the old WCG admit that the admonition 'Don't believe me but believe your Bible' was not always followed after becoming a part of that organization."

Dance along with Doc

Everyone was invited to a hospitality hour in the presidential suite hosted by Michelle and Skip Quant at 3:30 for snacks, drinks and fellowship.

Ms. Wood coordinated a dinner at 6 p.m. that preceded an evening of entertainment and dancing.

Murdock "Doc" and Vera (Mahone) Gibbs of Carrollton, Texas, provided music and other entertainment, keeping the floor packed with energetic dancers.

Messages and pics

A surprise act called "Haw Hee" (a skit from college days based on the television show Hee Haw) was interjected during the evening by Henry Mez of Atlanta, Ga., and Kent Doucet of Houston, Texas.

After a continental breakfast Sunday, a wrap-up meeting began with Mr. Wahlen addressing the group and making plans for the next reunion. He encouraged classmates, spouses and guests to take advantage of a Web site set up by Mrs. Harvey ( that includes a message board and pictures.

Mr. Wahlen introduced Ms. Wood and Debbie (St. John) Murphy of Atlanta for closing comments.

"I'm with my people again," Ms. Wood told the audience.

Afterwards the former AC students traveled to Mr. and Mrs. Quant's home and ranch in Burleson for an afternoon of barbecue, swimming and volleyball.

Back in college

"I felt like I was back in college," Mrs. Melear said. "Yes, like I went home for a long break and then came back. The AC spirit was certainly rekindled, and I realized more than ever how special and unique our experience together in Big Sandy was.

"I hope to keep some of that alive here at home to share with family, friends and at work.

"The reunion surpassed all my expectations. I'm looking forward to the next one."

Mike Ford of Atlanta told this writer: "Not having seen many of my classmates for 30 years, literally, I was a bit apprehensive. Would we click, would we still feel the bond that we once had, and so on?

"There was no need to worry. The entire time, start to finish, was wonderful. We laughed, we caught up with each others' lives, and, for a few days, we were young again."

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