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Notes and Quotes

Shirley Pack dies

WADSWORTH, Ohio--Shirley Pack, wife of David C. Pack, founder of the Restored Church of God, headquartered in Wadsworth, died July 22 after a long battle with cancer.

A tribute to Mrs. Pack by Mr. Pack is posted at Write Mr. Pack at RCG, P.O. Box 23295, Wadsworth, Ohio 44282, U.S.A.

Unexpected change on UCG's council of elders

MILFORD, Ohio--Joel Meeker, an elder in the United Church of God and member of the UCG's governing body, the council of elders, resigned his seat on the 12-man council in a letter to church president Clyde Kilough dated July 25, 2007.

Filling the vacancy will be Leon Walker of Big Sandy, Texas, who recently lost his bid for reelection to the council. Mr. Walker is back as as council member because he was next in line in the tally of votes cast by members of the general council of elders to fill one of the three "international" seats on the council.

Mr. Meeker, although an American and resident of the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, was considered one of three international council members because of his "editorial and membership oversight responsibilities in the French-speaking areas," Mr. Kilough said.

Mr. Walker carries out similar responsibilities over Spanish-speaking areas.

Building meeting

BIG SANDY, Texas--The East Texas congregation of the United Church of God met formally for the first time in its new home July 19 in Big Sandy.

The occasion was not a Sabbath service. It was a Thursday-evening meeting that Pastor Ken Treybig convened to inform congregation members about the progress of the construction of the local UCG's 12,750-square-foot building.


Even though the building project has gone on for seven years, church members said they were encouraged and impressed by the almost-completed structure.

Although the final cost will be considerably more (at about $586,000) than first planned, it will be worth about $1.5 million, Mr. Treybig said.

Most of the funds to build have come from local donations and fund raisers, with UCG headquarters in Milford, Ohio, kicking in $50,000.

A mortgage of $165,000 that could be increased to ensure that a Jan. 1, 2008, move-in deadline is met can be paid out over 20 years or more. The ownership will remain local until the note is paid off, at which time the ownership will transfer to the UCG parent organization.

Congregation member Aaron Dean of Gladewater, a member of the UCG's governing council of elders, advised the congregation that the home office in Ohio would probably kick in some more funds "if we'd just ask."

For more about the building and other projects of the congregation, see

UCG move hits a snag

MILFORD, Ohio--In other building news from the United Church of God, the planned transfer of church headquarters from a Cincinnati suburb to the North Texas town of Denton has apparently hit a snag.

Word had gotten around on Internet forums that the proposed building site was close to a Safety Kleen, Inc., plant, which disposes of and recycles sometimes-hazardous industrial wastes, and near the residences of convicted pedophiles.

The church says there is no truth to the pedophile rumor and the plant is not a theat to the church's potential property. Still, because some in the church are squeamish about the location, the search is on for property elsewhere in North Texas and the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

Feast in the Philippines

CALAMBA, Philippines--Enrique M. Gabuyo announces Feast of Booths information for the Church of the Living God in Christ Jesus Internationally Affiliated Associates.

The observance will be Sept. 28 through Oct. 4, 2007, with the Eighth Day on Oct. 5.

Feastgoers will meet at Inn Rocio, Kisad Road, Baguio City.

For more information write Mr. Gabuyo at 398 Kinsville Subdivision; Calamba, Laguna 4027; Philippines. Or E-mail him at

Port Austin Bible Center Feast

PORT AUSTIN, Mich.--The Port Austin Bible Center and the Philadelphia Church Port Austin will sponsor the Feast of Tabernacles Sept. 27 through Oct. 4, exact location to be announced.

This year's theme will be "Two Becoming One," with studies on creation and physical and spiritual marriage.

Seminar papers from last year's Feast are up at

For a festival packet, write Homer Kizer at info@portaustin or P.O. Box 629, Port Austin, Mich. 48467, U.S.A.

Port Austin Bible Campus Feast

PORT AUSTIN, Mich.--The Port Austin Bible Campus will sponsor its fifth Feast of Tabernacles observance Sept. 27 through Oct. 4, 2007. Feastgoers following "nearby calendars" will also be accommodated, announced Norman Edwards.

Some lodging will be available on campus as well as nearby motels. The Feast staff will prepare three organic meals per day for Feastgoers.

For more information write or PABC, P.O. Box 474, Port Austin, Mich. 48467, U.S.A.

Lots of visitors

FARMINGTON HILLS, attracted 84,308 actual visitors in June 2007 and 80,837 in July, announced Alan Ruth, The Journal's webmaster.

The site served more visitors in June than in the entirety of 2003.

"This year's explosion in growth has meant, as of Aug. 1, that has already had more visitors year to date than it did for the entirety of 2006," Mr. Ruth said.

"The site's goal is to reach one million actual visitors in 2008," he said.

Chicago Feast

ITASCA, Ill.--The Church of God United of Itasca and Herald Ministries will sponsor a Feast of Tabernacles site in the Chicago area, with services each day Sept. 27 through Oct. 4.

Feastgoers will qualify for special room rates when making reservations with the Quality Inn at (630) 279-0700, announced Wendell Wiese. Mention the Church of God United convention.

For more information contact Mr. Wiese at Or contact Jeff Cormany at

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