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Notes and Quotes

Thelma Justus dies

SPRINGDALE, Ark.--Thelma Justus, 78, a longtime Church of God member, died Dec. 27, 2007, at her home.

Along with her husband, Tom, and sons, Mrs. Justus was an essential part of the founding of Just-Us Printers in 1979. Just-Us is one of the most successful printing companies in the American South.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Justus is survived by a son, Mike Justus of Springdale; two daughters, Terrie Hammer of Gladewater, Texas, and Judy Petermann of Springdale; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Officiating at Mrs. Justus's funeral was Dave Havir, pastor of the Church of God Big Sandy.

Isabell Hoeh dies

FOLEY, Ala.--Longtime Worldwide Church of God member Isabell Hoeh died Nov. 21, 2007, three years to the day after her husband, WCG evangelist Herman Hoeh, died.

Among her many other interests, Mrs. Hoeh wrote articles on food and health for The Good News, the WCG's member magazine. Two such articles, "Eat Right to Be Healthy" and "Recipes for Days of Unleavened Bread," are reprinted on the Church of God Faithful Flock Homeschool Association's Web site at

Mrs. Hoeh is survived by a son, Manfred Hoeh; three daughters, Karline Ellis, Anneliese Roemer and Gilda Brockmeier; and several grandchildren.


The oldest conspiracy

BIG SANDY, Texas--Wes White, longtime Church of God member, former Ambassador College faculty member and frequent writer for The Journal's opinion page, has a new novel out, Clan of Lilith: The Oldest Conspiracy.

A work of fiction, the book touches on British-Israelism, the death of Princess Di, angels and politics, and biblical and European history, he said.

Order Mr. White's book online through Westland Press, or Barnes & Noble. Or write Mr. White for more information at P.O. Box 440, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A.

Mergers and rumors of mergers

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif.--Robert Thiel of wants to lay to rest rumors of a merger between the Living Church of God, of which he is a member, and the United Church of God an International Association.

"A general merger will not take place," Dr. Thiel said. "The leaders of the Living Church of God have told me that they do not see any possibility of merging due to major differences in government and approaches to preaching the gospel."

The Journal talked with a highly placed UCG source and heard the same thing: No merger of the UCG and LCG is in the offing.

Time to cry wolf

TYLER, Texas--Mark Armstrong at the Intercontinental Church of God says it's time to "cry wolf" about several "shameless self-styled heirs" of his grandfather, Herbert W. Armstrong.

"Since when is it a minister's--servant's--place to demand immediate and unquestioning obedience in regard to decisions that should be personal?" Mr. Armstrong rhetorically asked.

"Since when are ministers supposed to be strong-arming hapless, well-meaning members of the Church of God?"

Mr. Armstrong says he's "seen about enough of this kind of wretched abuse."

Many "have been financially destroyed by this kind of abuse," he said. "Families have been rent asunder by the dictates of so-called ministers. It's enough already!"

Mr. Armstrong didn't mention the names of the Church of God leaders he is unhappy with, but he said they are "entities claiming my grandfather's name, preaching imminent tribulation and thriving on organization authority."

America is in mortal danger from "imminent tribulation, all right," he said: "tribulation imposed by their authoritarian ministers."

"Unfortunately," he concluded, "I have to go on the record, and this is only the beginning. But it's way past time people have access to the knowledge they need to see through the misuse of Herbert W. Armstrong's name. Unfortunately, it's reached a stage that can't be ignored."

Write the ICG at P.O. Box 1117, Tyler, Texas 75703, U.S.A., or go to

Rare book at

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--Alan Ruth announces the addition of a rare, classic Bible-study book to his Web site,

It's The Life and Epistles of St. Paul, by Conybeare and Howson.

It includes maps, photos, study materials and more than 4,500 footnotes.


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