What's in issue No. 13, Feb. 26, 1998?

Journal Writers Ejected From UCG Meeting

Dixon Cartwright and Bill Stough, both Journal writers attending the fourth general conference of elders of the United Church of God, an International Association, were escorted the afternoon of March 8 by hotel security personnel from the meeting after being asked to leave by Chairman Bob Dick of the church's council of elders.
  • Fourth general conference of UCG convenes in Louisville. Article includes UCG elder's statement about CGI-UCG merger rumors.

  • At UCG General Conference: All four incumbents voted back in by elders; Les McCullough is new president of UCG.

  • United treasurer Steve Andrews declines to apologize for "usurping the power of the council and general conference" and retract after council reprimands him.

  • The United Church of God announces 16 finalists nominated to fill four places coming up vacant on the council of elders.

  • The CGI adds seven members during Ben and Lois Chapman's productive visit to Jamaica.

  • The Global Church of God conducts the first of three ministerial conferences.

  • A fledgling military institute is trying its best to raise money in a bid to buy the facilities of Ambassador University.

  • Another elder--David Antion--tells about the events of 1974 in the Worldwide Church of God. This is a follow-up to the Ken Westby interview in the January issue.

  • Do you have a love of the gospel? (column by Dave Havir)

  • 'Go ye therefore . . ." (column by Melvin Rhodes)

  • CGI elder Ian Boyne asks and answers: What is the biblical view of authority? Mr. Boyne, you might remember, challenged Ron Dart in an earlier essay. Mr. Dart later replied, also in The Journal. In this article Mr. Boyne challenges Norman Edwards of Servants' News as well as Mr. Dart and delivers another defense of a centralized "work."

  • Many, with good reason, fear authority (sidebar to Ian Boyne's article, above).

  • On governance: Learn the lessons from church history. This article is by the COGOM's James McBride and gives what he sees as problems with a centralized approach.

  • Letter from our readers.

  • Bill Stough, the sage of Lonedell, interviews field ministers on both sides of the recent CGI-GTA split. In this article he talks with James Throgmorton of Pocahontas, Ark. Mr. Throgmorton tells why he stayed with the CGI.

  • In this article Mr. Stough interviews John Ringenbach, former pastor of the St. Louis CGI congregation, who tells why he left the CGI with Garner Ted Armstrong.

  • In a Feb. 25 interview with The Journal, Garner Ted Armstrong tells about his new Intercontinental Church of God and how it fits with the almost-as-new Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.

  • Former HWA aide and confidante Aaron Dean returns to Thailand to visit the queen, this time under the auspices of a company called AgPro Systems, Inc.

  • The Journal interviews Whaid Rose, president of the Church of God (Seventh Day). Mr. Rose comments on the Sabbath, the Feast (many CG7 members don't observe the Feast) and Sardis.

  • Anthony Buzzard announces a 'Hebrew roots' conference for April. When you hear 'Hebrew roots' you may think of the Wagoner conference, reported on in the January issue. Think again.

  • Christian Educational Ministries announces a Christian Renewal Conference in Georgia for the Days of Unleavened Bread.

  • A consolidation of independent churches makes plans for the spring feast days, and you're invited.

  • The CGI plans a Bible-study weekend at its Lake Palestine home office for Unleavened Bread. You're invited.

  • The CGI appoints new representatives for Australia.

  • Listen up, singles: It's not too early to plan for Gemuetlichkeit II, even though it's not scheduled until December. On the agenda: the many differences between males and females.

  • Barnabas Ministries director Alan Ruth delivers his state-of-the-ministry report for 1997.

  • 'Notes and Quotes' includes a user's-group meeting in Australia; a Mark Graham concert (Mr. Graham doesn't just write music; he can carry a tune); Jeff Booth's Feast this fall in San Antonio (Journal staffers know from experience that Mr. Booth knows how to sponsor an unforgettable Feast of Tabernacles); UCG-Germany advertises in Reader's Digest; United, Global and independent brethren cooperate in Tulsa for a prophecy seminar.

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