UCG announces 16 finalists

ARCADIA, Calif.--The United Church of God, an International Association, is in the process of choosing four men to serve three-year terms on its council of elders. Names of 16 finalists were distributed to the UCG ministry via E-mail Feb. 23 after being released by Coopers & Lybrand, the accounting firm that counts ballots for the church.

These 16 men will be voted on by the church's 461 elders during the general conference in Louisville, Ky., that begins March 8. They will occupy the places of four men whose terms are expiring:

Victor Kubik of Indianapolis, Ind.; Les McCullough of Big Sandy, Texas; Burk McNair of San Antonio, Texas; and Leon Walker of Big Sandy.

The constitution and bylaws of the church call for 12 council members, including nine from the United States and three who represent other areas of the world. Any of the latter three can be Americans but must directly serve brethren outside of this country. Each year four members' terms expire and four elders are selected to serve three-year terms on the council.

The 12 men nominated to fill the three American seats are Steven Andrews of Arcadia, Calif.; C. Wayne Cole of Tyler, Texas; Aaron Dean of Gladewater, Texas; Clyde Kilough of Sacramento, Calif.; Mr. Kubik; Mr. McCullough; Mr. McNair; Brian Orchard of Arcadia; Richard Pinelli of Arcadia; Gregory Sargent of St. Louis, Mo.; Richard Thompson of Jefferson, Ga.; and Dean Wilson of Portland, Ore.

The four men nominated to fill Leon Walker's "international" seat on the council are John Meakin of Bristol, England; Joel Meeker of St. Louis, Mo.; Mario Seiglie of Santiago, Chile; and Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker, although a U.S. resident, serves all Spanish-speaking areas.

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