Barnabas director Alan Ruth reviews year

DETROIT, Mich.--Barnabas Ministries' founder Alan Ruth has released his year-end report for 1997. Barnabas is a service organization dedicated to "encouraging communication, cooperation, caring and Christian growth in the Churches of God," Mr. Ruth said. "We additionally have the goal of preaching the gospel to as many people as we can reach."

Contributions for the year were $2,113, primarily from offerings from individuals and donations received for creating and maintaining the Barnabas Web site.

Expenses for the year were $3,212, for Internet access, office supplies, copying, postage, travel and miscellaneous. In 1997 Barnabas, besides setting up the Web site, published 150 articles by at least 50 authors from a variety of Church of God organizations, fellowships and service groups. Some 20,000 electronic visits were made to the site.

Mr. Ruth personally visited 20 COG organizations during the year.

"Barnabas Ministries was also able to visit and speak at the Servant's News, UCG-Birmingham and Christian Educational Ministries Feast sites. We also attended a few special Bible-study meetings such as CEM conferences in Alabama and Illinois, Sabbath Campers Fellowship study weekends, UCG-Birmingham Pentecost weekend and the 'In the Footsteps of the Messiah' conference in Oklahoma."

Mr. Ruth created an Internet and computer guide with tips for buying a computer and using the Internet.

He wrote an article "in response to a heresy which stated that the New Testament and Christianity is of the devil," he said.

Barnabas Ministries receives mail at:

Barnabas Ministries
PO Box 3393
Farmington Hills, MI. 48333, USA

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