Church appoints reps for Australia

BOONAH, Australia--Ben Chapman of the Church of God International has announced that Mr. and Mrs. Herb Haupt are serving as CGI representatives in Australia.

In a Feb. 9 letter to friends and brethren in Australia, Mr. Chapman, of Provo, Utah, said Australians now have an Australian address to request literature.

"The incorporation process is still ongoing, so please continue to hang on to your tithes and offerings until such time as incorporation is complete," Mr. Chapman said.

He said the Haupts will relay most requests to church headquarters near Tyler, Texas, via E-mail, and orders will be filled and shipped from there.

Write P.O. Box 171, Boonah, Qld. 4310, Australia. E-mail herb&

Mr. Chapman also announced that the CGI is conducting worship services once a month in Sydney. On the first Sabbath of every month services take place at the Quaker Hall, 119 Devonshire St. at 1 p.m., with David Dunlop as host.

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