Anthony Buzzard announces
'Hebrew roots' conference

MORROW, Ga.--Anthony Buzzard, a 1963 graduate of Ambassador College, Pasadena, has announced a "theological conference on the Hebrew roots of our faith" to take place April 17-19 in Morrow at Atlanta Bible College, where Mr. Buzzard serves as a faculty member.

Mr. Buzzard, who with Charles Hunting wrote The Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound, believes that Jesus, though Messiah, Savior and the Son of God, did not predate Mary, except "in the counsels of God."

The conferees will study the "Hebrew roots of our faith" and "our biblical unitarian heritage as expounded by such distinguished persons as Sir Isaac Newton and John Milton," he said.

Speakers will include Theodore Letis on anti-Trinitarian history; John Cunningham on the atonement; and Mark Coomer on dispensationalism.

For details and information about lodging and meals, call Mr. Buzzard at work at (800) 347-4261 or at home at (770) 719-7694.

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