What's in issue No. 43, Aug. 31, 2000?

Church of God-related schools are in the news. The United Church of God's Ambassador Bible Center graduates its first class: 24 pioneer students. The Philadelphia Church of God plans a new campus in the spirit of Ambassador. The Christian Leadership Academy of Hot Springs, Ark., will commence classes in November.

An Oklahoma pastor seeks wide support for significant gospel-preaching efforts. Pastor Lawrence Gregory and friends convene a conference in Oklahoma. Read about the conference, and peruse a list of people who attended it.

A CGI elder apologizes to a Chicago congregation. See the print version of The Journal.

Two task forces--one each from the United Church of God, an International Association, and the Church of God, a Christian Fellowship--meet together to try to decide where to go from here. See the print version of The Journal.

In letters to the editor, Journal readers write about:

  • Raymond McNair's resignation from the presidency of the CGCF to join the Living Church of God.
  • Eric Snow's earlier response to a Dave Havir editorial.
  • Linda White's July article on the role of women in the "next church."
  • Wes White's presentation at the same conference.
  • Dan White's July letter about military service and war (which itself was a commentary on Ron Dart's opinions on the same subject).
  • Alan Knight's book "Primitive Christianity in Crisis" (two readers wrote: one pro, one con).
  • The trouble with the concept of "standing in the gap."
  • "Scary" ads in The Journal.
  • A monetary reward for information about Ora Runcorn.
  • And plain talk about reconciliation.

See the print version of The Journal for all the letters mentioned above--and more!

Editorials for this issue number six:

The Journal lists 138 Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2000. This is the last Feast list The Journal will publish in 2000, because many subscribers will not have time to receive the September issue of The Journal before leaving for Feast sites.

If someone told you a Church of God congregation is getting a "pastor with a difference," what would you think? Would you think "Vive la difference"? Don't miss the latest news from the Church of God Dallas-Fort Worth in the print version of The Journal.

In essays in this issue, Ivor Fletcher counsels readers to learn from the congregation at Smyrna, and Ray Wooten declares that the Worldwide Church of God was Herbert W. Armstrong's personal ministry. (Mr. Wooten also talks about Loma Armstrong's and Jesus' personal ministries.)

A Houston congregation is the latest United congregation to build a new home.

Officials of the ALERT program for young men, stationed on the old Big Sandy Ambassador campus, say they've been harassed. Several incidents included someone sneaking onto the grounds and dialing 911 from an internal phone four times within an hour. See the print version of The Journal for an interview with Col. Ron Fuhrman, administrator for ALERT.

The Good News, United's magazine for the general public, reaches another milestone.

A San Antonio congregation announces a wedding and two baptisms.

In "Notes and Quotes," Barnabas Ministries shops around for Church of God music, and three Feast-site organizers announce updated plans, and you're invited to a Feast of Trumpets celebration Sept. 29.

In Connections, Darlene Warren picks up on a theme much in the news lately: "A New Creation: Building the Next Church." Darlene carries the theme to an extreme.

The guest column in Connections is penned by a man with his head firmly in the clouds, Ewin Barnett.

Read the latest prayer requests and obituaries in our classified section.

Don't forget to subscribe to the print version of The Journal to read all the news and features previewed here, plus illustrations and the full Connections advertising section.

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