ABC graduates first class: 24 pioneer students

By Gary Antion

MILFORD, Ohio--Twenty-four pioneer students graduated Aug. 6 after completing the first biblical-studies program at Ambassador Bible Center, sponsored by the United Church of God, an International Association.

The graduates walked into the lecture hall of ABC to "Pomp and Circumstance" as family and friends numbering 122 observed the procession.

Ralph Levy, registrar and academic officer, welcomed the family members and guests and gave the invocation.

Paul Wasilkoff of Calgary, Alta., Canada, student-body representative during the seven-month term, delivered an address that reminded the students of the closeness they experienced and thanked them for their efforts to help each other and their service to others through projects undertaken by the students.

Mr. Wasilkoff encouraged his fellow students to show agape love to all in their local congregations and those they interact with in life.

After his address he presented each of the resident faculty members (Ralph Levy, Leslie McCullough and this writer) with an inscribed marble apple paperweight.

The ABC Choir, 12 musicians and coordinator Ken Shoemaker of Peebles, Ohio, performed two inspirational numbers, "Holy Is His Name" and "We Are the Church." The director presented each member with a trophy to remember his or her experiences in the ABC Choir.

Mr. McCullough, president of the church, delivered the main address and reminded the students of the missing ingredient in education: the spiritual dimension.

He reminded them that the spiritual values as taught from God's Word and received through the Holy Spirit working with and in them are the key ingredient to being successfully educated. He urged the students to set a fine example by living the truth they had been given.

Mr. McCullough and Dr. Levy presented diplomas to each of the 24 graduates as I, the coordinator for ABC, read their names in alphabetical order. The students proceeded to the adjacent home-office area to receive congratulations from family, friends, faculty and staff members.

Refreshments, coordinated by Terri Eddington, were served to all in attendance.

There were tears of happiness at completing the first year of ABC, but there were also tears of sadness as the students departed to go their separate ways.

ABC personnel agreed that this first pioneering year at Ambassador Bible Center had been a tremendous success.

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