San Antonio has wedding, two baptisms

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--July saw a wedding and two baptisms in the San Antonio Church of God.

Two members, Justo Gallegos and Marsha Rodriguez, were united in marriage the Sabbath of July 1 in a ceremony after Sabbath services conducted by pastor Julian Cruz.

"Everyone pulled together in providing a gorgeous decorated setting and preparing lots of delicious food for the reception," said Janine Calvert. "It was beautiful."

The couple moved to Seattle, Wash., where Mr. Gallegos, a member of the military, has been transferred.

One of the two baptisms was of the new Mrs. Gallegos, on June 24, just a week before her wedding.

Another was Bill Mikesha of Kerrville, Texas, on July 15.

"All of our congregation drove to Kerrville to be a part of this special time," said Mrs. Calvert.

"I've heard of going to church but never the church coming to me," commented Mr. Mikesha.

Mr. Mikesha's wife, Jeannine, is battling cancer.

"Please continue to pray for her healing and strength," said Mrs. Calvert.

The congregation has two new members, John and Shelly Thom, who until recently drove from Corpus Christi (140 miles) to attend with the group.

One of the families that attended here recently moved to Oklahoma: Ron and Shantil Kolb and their two sons, Alex and Cameron, and their daughter, Callie.

"Ron opened every Sabbath service with song, prayer requests, and announcements," said Mrs. Calvert.

"We wish them the very best. They will be greatly missed."

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