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COG music invited

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--Barnabas Ministries' Web site, operated by Alan Ruth, is busy collecting music written or performed by Church of God people to publish on the Web.

"We currently have four songs and three instrumentals now on the site," Mr. Ruth said. "All are offered live on the Net in stereo or downloadable in CD quality."

"We can also publish an order form for your music. Your music and form will be available yearly to more than 265,000 visitors."

Angel Fire activity

BIG SANDY, Texas--Feasters headed for the Angel Fire, N.M., site sponsored by the Church of God Big Sandy are invited to attend the "Cowboy Evening" family activity Oct. 18.

During a chuck-wagon dinner, a cowboy will entertain with guitar, story-telling and sing-along.

Reservations must be made soon. Cost is $39.50 or $18.50, depending on age. Contact Ron Avey, Rt. 2, Box 453, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A. Anyone who would like to go but cannot afford it should E-mail Brenda Hogg at

Ventura Feast

PASADENA, Calif.--Festival by the Sea, the Feast of Tabernacles site planned for Ventura, Calif., by Guardian Ministries of Pasadena and United Christian Ministries of Birmingham, Ala., will be a "Feast of spiritually uplifting and edifying messages," said David Antion, an organizer.

Dr. Antion asks that people headed for Ventura fill out a registration form available from or P.O. Box 50734, Pasadena, Calif. 91115, U.S.A. Or call (626) 792-8439 for more information.

The Feast observance begins the evening of Oct. 13.

Building bridges

PRESCOTT, Ariz.--A meeting of Building Bridges Northern Arizona took place Aug. 12 at the Ramada Inn here. About 45 people, including many from Phoenix, met to hear guest speaker Dave Havir of Big Sandy, Texas, pastor of the Church of God Big Sandy.

Mr. Havir expressed his appreciation to his employer, the Big Sandy congregation, for allowing him the opportunity to visit outlying areas, said Phyllis Taylor, an organizer.

The topic was John the Baptist, who came in the spirit and power of Elijah. Did John restore all things, Mr. Havir asked, or did he point the way to Jesus, who will restore all things?

The day included a Q&A session and fellowship at the home of Arnold and Betty Canales.

Building Bridges will next meet in Phoenix Sept. 2 with Frank Nelte of Johannesburg, South Africa. Another meeting will take place on the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 30, with guest speaker Mark Kaplan of Anaheim, Calif.

For information write Mr. Kaplan at, or visit

Orlando FOT notes

ANAHEIM, Calif.--The Web site for a Feast of Tabernacles site in Orlando, Fla., was recently updated to include topics and speakers for interactive seminars and a children's educational program, said organizer Mark Kaplan of Anaheim.

Topics at the Feast will include the Hebrew calendar, "Bible and Language," the history of the Old Testament and New Testament churches, and Ecclesiastes.

Mr. Kaplan said participants will include Ken Burrell of Orange County, Calif., and "some surprise guest speakers." Visit for updates, or write Mr. Kaplan at

Prophecy seminar

SPOKANE, Wash.--The free, open-to-the-public prophecy seminar in Seattle announced in "Notes and Quotes" July 31 has been moved to Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the University Plaza Hotel, announced organizer Rod Hall.

See the July 31 issue of The Journal for more information.

Book on Azazel

CINCINNATI, Ohio--A book by a United Church of God elder, The Symbolism of the Azazel Goat, is available at and other booksellers.

Written by Ralph Levy, a faculty member at United's Ambassador Bible Center, the volume is timely, Dr. Levy said, because of the approaching feast season.

It's hardcover, 140 pages and sells for $74.95.

"In this book I investigate the significance of the Azazel goat in terms of biblical typology and conclude that the ancient Jewish interpretation--that the Azazel is a type of the devil--is the best-supported conclusion."

Dr. Levy presents an exegesis of Leviticus 16, the Day of Atonement ceremony.

GTA offers new booklet

FLINT, Texas--The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association, based here, announced a new booklet, Is God a Mystery?

"Often we receive calls from people wondering about the Trinity," Mr. Armstrong wrote in a recent letter to supporters. "Is God a vague hypostasis or one in three persons?"

It is available free of charge from the GTA Evangelistic Association, P.O. Box 747, Flint, Texas 75762, U.S.A., or by calling (903) 561-7070.

Camp YEA

HAWKINS, Texas--Fifty-some campers and 15 counselors and staff members camped at Wewoka, Okla., the last week in June as part of the Christian Educational Ministries' Camp YEA (Youth Educational Activities). This year's theme was "relationships."

"I feel this topic truly helped a lot of teens this year," said camper Lora Hufton of Hawkins.

Stress-free choir

MOUNDS, Okla.--Ray Kurr is calling for volunteers to sing in the choir at the Chruch of God Big Sandy's Feast site in Destin, Fla.

The Feast, which begins the evening of Oct. 13, will include a special-music evening, "so exercise your God-given vocal or instrumental gifts and participate," Mr. Kurr urges.

Write for accmopaniment tapes ahead of time to Mr. Kurr at Or telephone him at (918) 827-4599.

You're invited

HAWKINS, Texas--Tim and Angie Kelley and family invite their Church of God friends to a "Yom Teruah [Feast of Trumpets] Celebration" Friday night, Sept. 29, at their property near here.

"The celebration and praise to our Father will include opening the Sabbath with the blowing of the shofars, the blessing over the candles, new moon and the blessing over the wine and bread," reads the invitation. "Please come and enjoy an evening of fellowship with family and friends."

Mr. Kelley said he and his family "look forward to sharing this evening of joyous celebration with you while snacking on various Israeli snacks. Feel free to invite those you know who would like to attend this joyous celebration."

If you plan to attend, notify the Kelleys as soon as possible at (903) 769-2750 or For more information call or write them.

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