What's in issue No. 45, Oct. 31, 2000?

Church of God brethren tell about their festivals. These are The Journal's first reader reports from of Feast of Tabernacles 2000.

Speakers from many Church of God groups--and speakers who don't belong to any group--delivered messages of the Kingdom to brethren at Feast observances in Florida and Alabama. The publisher of The Journal traveled to 10 Feast sites in Florida and Alabama and reports on them in this issue.

A New Zealand member says his church is not playing by the rules. The Journal interviews the New Zealander and a member of the United Church of God's council of elders. See the print version of The Journal for details.

Several Church of God members, including Steven Collins and Howard Davis, tour Israel to conduct research that supports the traditional COG teaching concerning the "lost 10 tribes" of Israel.

Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi is shifting gears.

It's a crooked world, so watch out, say Jeff and Carolanne Patton.

Letters for October include a tribute to Bill Fowler and primitive Christianity revisited.

In editorials: Eric Snow tells why Christian apologetics should matter. Ed Burson reveals where God placed His name this year for the Feast. Dave Havir quotes a man who said he was "under authority." Brian Knowles takes some frogs' temperature. Ellis Stewart writes of the importance of character.

David Roe asks (in light of the recent ordination in Arlington, Texas, of a woman as a Church of God pastor): "Does the Bible permit women to edify men in God's church?" See the print version of The Journal for Mr. Roe's essay.

The Church of God Big Sandy invites everybody to its Family Fellowship Weekend in December.

A Church of God member sues police, alleging wrongful arrest.

The United Church of God publishes its 23rd booklet, this one on conversion.

"Notes and Quotes" announces a new pro-HWA forum and a congregation that meets at 2:22 p.m. each Sabbath.

Read the latest prayer requests and obituaries in our classified section.

In Connections, Darlene Warren says education ain't what it's cracked up to be.

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