Connections runs classifieds

Connections runs classified ads: help wanted, for sale, pen pals, prayer requests and more. Send classified ads (except prayer requests) to Connections (see the address and more information in the box on the first page of Connections). Send prayer requests to Rosy Halley, who coordinates prayer requests for Connections and operates her "Prayer Lines" service on the Internet.

Mrs. Halley, a member of the East Texas Church of God in Hawkins, Texas, is the right person for this job. For some time, she has run an E-mail prayer-request line called, appropriately, "Prayer Lines," from her home. Through this service, more than 200 people receive up-to-date prayer requests on a weekly basis.

If you or someone you know would like to request prayers, please write to Mrs. Halley at 4502 Skyline Dr., Chandler, Texas 75758, telephone (903) 849-2271. Her E-mail address is As space is available, requests sent to Mrs. Halley will also be printed in Connections each month.

For those requesting prayer, please include the full name and address of the person needing prayers so that cards and letters of encouragement can be sent. When submitting prayer requests on behalf of others, please do so with their permission. Finally, please continue to send follow-up information to Mrs. Halley so that everyone can follow their progress.


Study Resources, News, Links, and More! Send for our free "Resource Guide." Olive Branches, PO Box 1293, Fairview, TN 37062.

Mid-South Sabbatarians: News, Events and Directory. On the Web at

H.W. Armstrong video and audio tapes available. Donation optional. Address to: Armstrong Archives, PO Box 173, Botany Bay 1455, N.S.W., Australia. Phone Sydney 0293169912.


Raise funds for your church, charity, club, school, scouts with a super product that sells itself. Call toll free 1-800-982-3210 ext.103.

Free information

Free report! Teach your children positive work ethics and the principles of employment success. Write: The Roadmap, PO Box 4154, Kansas City, KS 66104.

Final days revelations by lot concerning Passover, Mark of Beast, Global Warming. Obtain copy, donation optional, helps large COG family. Lot used for Jonah, Jonathan, Matthias. Proverbs 16:33, 18:16, 18:18. Write: Croyle, POB 157, Baskerville, VA 23915. "Prove all things."

Prayer requests

Andersen, Tim (son-in-law of Suzanne Kieler), head injury received at work. Concerned about right side paralysis and potential speech problems.

Austin, Rose, 83, 1601 W. Guilford No. 522, Caro, MI 48723, due to crippling arthritis was unable to attend the Feast of Tabernacles. Lives alone and would appreciate prayers, cards and letters of encouragement.

Cowart, Jerry, 50's, 306 Morgan Road, Rainsville, AL 35967, severely injured in a head-on auto accident. No longer hospitalized, but must spend 2 to 3 months at home recuperating.

Evans, Ophelia, 711C Seaquint Ave. No. 6L, FarRockAway, NY 11691-5754, recently diagnosed with cancer.

Harris, Atria, No. 688659, 2400 Wallace Park Rd., Navasota, TX 77869, upcoming cataract removal surgery.

Hellar, Dennis, No. 233966, PO Box 260, Lexington, OK 73051, needs encouragement.

Lee, Judy (formerly Judy Henderson), cancer.

McKown, Nora, 809 Beale Street, Belton, TX (mother of Ron McKown of Lorena, TX, hospitalized for retention of fluid in the body tissue and an aneurysm.

Sisk, John, 1120 Boulan Dr., Attica, MI 48412, chronic lung problems, unable to work. Prayers, cards, and letters would be appreciated.

Smith, Chaun, 13206 CR 1131, Flint, TX 75762, had cancer surgery, now is bedfast with blood clot expecting to take 6 months to dissolve.

Wiseman, Cindy, 27 (daughter of Pat Nelson of Dallas), scheduled for biopsy Nov. 21.

Hartsfield, Shania, 13 months, severe injuries sustained in falling accident.

Landry, Roland (brother-in-law of Mike Sloan of Texarkana), recovering from emergency heart bypass and burst aorta surgery.

Sisk, Charles, 6620 Lothrop Rd., Imlay City, MI 48444, pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs, and colon infection. Cards and letters of encouragement would be appreciated.

Zepeda, Paul, Houston, TX, recovering from triple bypass surgery.


Lloyd Cope, of Dallas, Texas died October 13. He was the brother of Winston Cope.

Bill Fowler, of Wichita, Kansas died October 25 after a short bout with cancer. He is survived by his wife JoAnne, sons John and Don, daughters, Jody and Laura, and several grandchildren. Cards of condolence may be sent to: Mrs. JoAnne Fowler, 532 N. Gordon St., Wichita, KS 67203.

Kenneth Virgil Weese, 63, of Big Sandy, Texas died October 21. Mr. Weese was a member of the Worldwide Church of God and employee of Ambassador College for many years. Memorial services were held at the Church of God Big Sandy and conducted by Mr. David Orban. Mr. Weese is survived by his wife Donna, two sons Wayne and Terry, and grandchildren.

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