What's in issue No. 18, July 31, 1998?

  • Ron Dart, founder of Christian Educational Ministries, on learning that the UCG-AIA had shut down its elders' E-mail forum, decided to start an elders' E-mail forum of his own. He invites elders of the Churches of God to participate.

  • David Hulme, who, along with other former UCG-AIA elders, founded the Church of God (Monrovia, Calif.), has been visiting brethren in various locations around the world. Read about his travels and the meeting between Mr. Hulme and UCG-AIA chairman Bob Dick in Geneva that didn't happen.

  • The COG (Monrovia) is steadily gaining members as 400 of the brethren in the British Isles become part of one of the newest Churches of God.

  • The Church of God Kansas City says it has learned a lot one year after its formation. Read an in-depth interview with COGKC members; a report on the UCG-AIA Kansas City; and the COGKC's analysis of the four stages of "community" a newly independent congregation goes through.

  • Letters from our readers includes the latest missive from the El Paso area: Read why Heather allegedly went ballistic. Read also a report from an Australian elder who says the UCG's national council down under is not a kangaroo court.

  • Editorials in this issue include James McBride on the structure implemented by the Churches of God UK and the Churches of God Outreach Ministries; advice from Sweden on Bible software; Howard Baker saying don't believe everything you think; and Dave Havir's observation that Christians can be feisty. Melvin Rhodes writes about members who prefer a tried and not-so-true church structure.

  • In this issue The Journal begins a series of at least three issues on the nature of Jesus Christ. All participants in the series write from a non-Trinitarian perspective, but their similarities don't go much further than that. Writers include Eric Snow, Gary Fakhoury, Sir Anthony Buzzard, Charles Hunting and Herbert W. Armstrong. Read the introduction to the series now, but for the articles themselves see the print version of The Journal.

  • C. Wayne Cole writes an open letter explaining his decision no longer to "exclusively" associate with the United Church of God, an International Association. Mr. Cole also briefly comments on his separation from the Worldwide Church of God in 1979.

  • Pastor Ian Boyne of Jamaica reveals his formula: Why is the Church of God International in Jamaica having so many baptisms?

  • Ron Weinland, a visiting elder from Detroit, tells brethren in San Antonio to watch out for errant teachings. Then he and the South Texas brethren get together for a barbecue.

  • Several Church of God groups meet informally for the Fourth of July.

  • Brethren in Southern California assemble for a reunion.

  • The Intercontinental Church of God plans an open Feast site in Scotland.

  • Because of its financial situation, the UCG-AIA announces pastors going on half salary and other changes affecting elders and church areas. The Journal publishes a list of changes.

  • Dana Francis tells why the brethren in Tulsa, Okla., seek affiliation with the UCG Big Sandy.

  • Sabbatarian singles have a forum on the Internet.

  • A Churches of God library wants to preserve old tapes of speakers in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God.

  • "Notes and Quotes" includes a canceled Feast side in Idaho, another connection for Sabbatarian singles and the Bacchiocchi-Ratzlaff Sabbath debate.

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