Several Church of God groups meet for Fourth of July

SAN ANTONIO, Texas--Friends from several groups that have broken away from the Worldwide Church of God and a few members from the WCG itself met for a Fourth of July celebration at the home of Terry and Judy Post here.

About 150 people--from the Worldwide Church of God; the United Church of God, an International Association; the South Texas Church of God; the Church of God in Truth; the Global Church of God; the Church of God in the Wilderness; and groups that have broken away from United, Global and the Philadelphia Church of God; plus the San Antonio Fellowship, which is a splinter from a splinter of the Church of God International--met together on Independence Day, July 4, with several people who no longer attend church anywhere to visit, sing and eat barbecue.

The Pete Huizar family and the Posts furnished the barbecue. The rest of the fixings were potluck.

Rusty Locke, Mr. Huizar, Randy Hancock and Darin Sjogren played music for the dance in a street lined with bales of hay.

"More important than the food, the music and the dancing was the unity, the friendship and the common thread that bonded us together," said Mrs. Post.

"The discussions among several people were on how we needed to take the new commandment and learn to love one another."

Guests who began attending the Worldwide Church of God 30 or more years ago were Leonard Kirkpatrick, John Alexander, Kenneth and Billie Post, Rusty and Cora Locke, Melba Nichols, Jackie Smith and Harold and Neva Hildebrandt.

"We will definitely have to do this again," said Mrs. Post.

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