UCG announces cutbacks

CINCINNATI, Ohio--The director of ministerial services for the United Church of God, an International Association, announced July 10 that, as part of overall budget cuts, the church is placing several pastors on half salary.

Richard Pinelli also announced the names of several men who had recently resigned from the UCG ministry, and he named several who were recently terminated or laid off or volunteered to resign.

Going on half salary are John Bald, Corpus Christi, Texas; Steve Buchanan, Tucson, Ariz.; John Cafourek, Olympia, Wash.; Todd Carey, Williamsburg, Va.; Jim Chapman, Red Bluff, Calif.; Tom Clark, Wichita, Kan.; Randy D'Alessandro, Detroit, Mich.; Tom Damour, Bloomington, Ill.; Wayne Dunlap, Eureka, Calif.; John Elliott, Cincinnati, Ohio; John Foster, Charleston, W.Va.; Bruce Gore, Birmingham, Ala.; Ken Graham, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Jim Haeffele, Greensboro, N.C.; Vernon Hargrove, Hammond, Ind.; Don Hooser, Dallas, Texas; Noel Hornor, Portland, Ore.; Bill Jacobs, Albuquerque, N.M.; Bill Jahns, Salt Lake City, Utah; Dave Johnson, Atlanta, Ga.; Otto Lochner, Columbia, S.C.; Ken Martin, Macon, Ga.; Jim O'Brien, Cincinnati; Richard Rand, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Camilo Reyes, Salem, Ore.; Earl Roemer, Honolulu, Hawaii; Mark Welch, Tulsa, Okla.; Roger West; Cape Girardeau, Mo.; and Mark Winner, Louisville, Ky.

Resigning are Don Billingsley, Modesto, Calif.; Steve Elliott, El Paso, Texas; Tom Fitzpatrick, Providence, R.I.; Don Hornsby, Harrisburg, Pa.; Steve Le Blanc, Modesto; Marc Masterson, Franklin Lakes, N.J.; Brian Orchard, Los Angeles, Calif.; John Orchard, Omaha, Neb.; and Cliff Veal, St. Cloud, Minn.

Laid off, terminated or voluntarily resigning are Bob Boraker, Kent, England; Glenn Doig, Oakland, Calif.; Roy Dove, Shreveport, La.; and Dave Havir, Big Sandy, Texas.

Mr. Pinelli also announced changes in church circuits, many of them resulting from the resignations, terminations or half-time-salary changes:

Dave Baker, Elmira, N.Y., adds Harrisburg and Lewistown, Pa., to his pastorate; Roy Demarest, Orlando, Fla., moves to South Florida and pastors Miami, West Palm Beach and Melbourne; Kevin Epps, Piscataway, N.J., adds Queens, N.Y., and Bethlehem, Pa., to his pastorate; Matt Fenchel, Seattle, Wash., moves to the church's home office (in Cincinnati); John Foster, Charleston, W.Va., adds Roanoke, Va., to his pastorate at half salary; Arnold Hampton, Columbia, Md., adds Greenwood, Del., and Philadelphia, Pa., to his pastorate; Roy Holladay, Fort Myers, Fla., moves to Hawkins, Texas, and becomes the pastor at Big Sandy and Texarkana, Texas.

Bob Jones, Jacksonville, Fla., adds Orlando, Fla., to his pastorate; Clyde Kilough, Sacramento, Calif., adds Fresno and Modesto, Calif., to his pastorate; Steve Myers, Austin, Minn., adds Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to his pastorate; Dave Register, San Diego, Calif., adds Redlands, Calif., to his pastorate; Camilo Reyes, Salem, Ore., moves to the Los Angeles area to assist Robin Webber at half salary; Greg Sargent, St. Louis, Mo., adds Topeka, Kan., to his pastorate; Jim Servidio, Minneapolis, Minn., adds Duluth and St. Cloud, Minn., to his pastorate; Gary Smith, Portsmouth, Ohio, adds Charleston, W.Va., to his pastorate.

Randy Stiver, Roseburg, Ore., adds Medford, Ore., to his pastorate; Arthur Suckling, St. Petersburg, Fla., adds Fort Myers, Fla., to his pastorate; Paul Suckling, Boston, Mass., adds Providence, R.I., and Hartford, Conn., to his pastorate; Herb Teitgen, Sioux Falls, S.D., adds Omaha and Grand Island, Neb., and Des Moines, Iowa, to his pastorate; Ken Treybig, Covington, La., adds Monroe, La., to his pastorate; Robin Webber, Garden Grove, Calif., adds Los Angeles and Bakersfield, Calif., to his pastorate; Chuck Zimmerman, Phoenix, Ariz., adds Yuma, Ariz., to his pastorate.

The Journal has learned of two other changes:

Steve Sidars of the church's home office, in Cincinnati, has resigned from the employ of the church; and Don Ward of Hawkins, Texas, a member of the UCG's council of elders and employee of the church, is the new pastor of the Shreveport and Monroe, La., congregations.

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