Sabbatarian singles have Internet forum

SEATTLE, Wash.--Single adults in the Sabbatarian Churches of God have available an Internet forum at which they can become acquainted and develop friendships.

To join the forum, contact forum creator and moderator Marla Prouty at

Some 60 members are on the forum worldwide.

"I think the most wonderful thing about the SSFF forum has been the ability to create friendships across the pseudo-political barriers, and via cyberspace, that would never have been possible even 10 years ago," she said.

"Now, when we most need to find ways to bond in the unity of Jesus Christ, we are given a tool to bridge at least some of those gaps. I never expected that the forum would be this terrific when I first started it with the help and inspiration of Robert Teague and Terry Todd. We have some natural wit on here and sheer brilliance that pops up constantly, leaving me laughing in delight or gasping in awe at the minds God has call into His Body. I look forward daily to the contributions of the members and constantly receive E-mail that they are enjoying it too. Even the lurkers step up now and then to contribute to the melee."

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