What's in issue No. 54, July 31, 2001?

A Sabbath-keeping air-traffic controller wins a landmark judgment in a discrimination suit in Colorado. COG member Don Reed tells about his tribulations while working for the Federal Aviation Administration and the $2.2 million judgment a jury awarded him in July. See the print version of The Journal for the full report and for photos of Mr. and Mrs. Reed.

A Washington, D.C., member channels his gift of spiritual gab into television. Louis Williams, blind from birth, has been a disc jockey and talk-show host. Now he's on television locally and will soon telecast worldwide. Mr. Williams also tells about the most unforgettable Church of God characters he's met, including Dave Havir, Raymond McNair, Herbert W. Armstrong and Fred Coulter. See the print version of The Journal for the full report including photos of Mr. Williams and his television-production crew.

Ukraine is the home of thousands of Sabbath-keeping Christians. COG member Cindy McLendon tells about her visit a few months ago to the former Soviet Union to see several of them. Mrs. McLendon interviews a Ukrainian Sabbatarian elder. [ukraine]

The Church of God a Christian Fellowship and the United Church of God an International Association have succeeded in what one of the principals calls a "spiritual merger." See the print version of The Journal for a report that includes interviews with UCG and former-CGCF officials.

The Church of the Eternal God emerges from the premerger breakup of the CGCF. See the print version of The Journal for a statement from founders of the CEG.

A Chicago conference brings 100 COG members together in July. Ron Dart talks about sonship vs. adoption, and Dave Havir speaks on the purpose of prophecy.

In letters to the editor, Journal readers comment on Gerald Flurry's basic truths, Mike Feazell's book, Don Ward's sermon, Alan Ruth's example, Alec Surratt's name, Arlen Berkey's spelling, Jim Casey's nomination, Kevin Epps' church bulletin, Jack Lane's invitation, Dan White's view of D&R and, as always, Herbert W. Armstrong.

In the "Columns and Commentary" department, Wayne Cole notes a change in direction in the Denver-based Church of God (Seventh Day) and says the CG7 is on the right track; Dave Havir claims the "mistakes of rulers" are easy to fall into; and Ian Boyne describes the conversion of a charismatic bishop in the Washington, D.C., area into full Church of God membership in Jamaica. See the print version of The Journal.

After a quarter of a century, a group of bikers who pedaled coast to coast in 1976 in observance of America's 200th birthday get together again, this time in Jackson, Wyo.

Christian Educational Ministries goes back to Wewoka, Okla., for the sixth year in a row to sponsor a camp for COG young people. See the print version of The Journal for a photo of some of the campers.

Texans in the Big Sandy area sponsor a series of seminars to explain who's a Jew and to teach the equivalent of Hebrew Roots 101.

A North Carolina couple has one of the longest WCG histories. Irene Selent reports on Avon and Florence Pfund. See the print version of The Journal, which includes a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Pfund.

In his essay, Doug Ward talks about the real mystery of the Ark of the Covenant. It's not what you think. See the print version of The Journal.

In the second article in a Journal series about divorce and remarriage, Dan White concludes his two-part essay, which expounds his view that Jesus' higher standard for marriage means you simply don't remarry after a divorce. For Mr. White's essay and the others in the series, and for a photo of Dan and Margie White and their three teenage daughters, be sure to see the print version of The Journal.

In St. Louis 170 of the brethren get together from several groups to hear from three COG old-timers: George Meeker, Al Buchanan and Bill Faith. See the print version of The Journal for photos of the three old-timers.

The United Church of God publishes a booklet about the devil. Scott Ashley, UCG managing editor of publications, reports on this and other UCG publishing news.

The Journal updates its list of Feast of Tabernacles sites-- including dates--for 2001.

Read "Notes and Quotes" for the latest on Raymond Cole's health; the firing of a church pastor in Mississippi; transfers and ordinations; and late-breaking Feast news. The online version of "Notes and Quotes" has last-minute reports not included in the print version.

In Connections, Darlene Warren tells how she survived personal evangelism, beginning with the early efforts of kindly Father O'Quinn in Pascagoula, Miss.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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