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Feast of Tabernacles

The "Olive Branches" web site ( is collecting information for its "Year 2001 Feast of Tabernacles" site listing page. E-mail your information to: Or mail to: Olive Branches, PO Box 1293, Fairview, TN 37062.

Fund raising

Raise funds for your church, charity, club, school, scouts with a super product that sells itself. Call toll free 1-800-982-3210 ext. 103.

Want to make big money and finally be "looked-up-to" like all your leaders (H.W.A., Meredith, Flurry, etc.)? Then send for a free tape recently recorded live as men are overheard plotting a type of third tithe business program called The Assistance Program. (Will it ever stop?) Write: Con-Scam, c/o Dean Neal, PO Box 151, Fernley, Nevada 89408.

Free information

Free report! Teach your children positive work ethics and the principles of employment success. Write: The Roadmap, PO Box 4154, Kansas City, KS 66104.


Family of nine, glad to accept excess 2nd and 3rd tithe, two disabled, including Father. Designate as "gift." Seven children, mostly small. Write: Wanda Croyle, 355 Poplar St., Petersburg, VA 23803.

A new open-to-all conference phone network (based on Christ's true format so given in 1 Cor. 14:12-40) is being considered. Sabbaths: 1 to 3 p.m. PST. Call 918-222-7001. Enter code 6444#.


Plain Truths/Good News/Booklets/P.T. sized brochures wanted. Please don't throw them out. Prepared to buy or swap. Please phone Australia (03) 97371150 or write to : PO Box 315, Mt. Evelyn, Victoria 3796, Australia.

Journal writer Bill Stough of Lonedell, Mo., is looking for a volunteer who could transcribe tape-recorded interviews for him using a word processor. The transcriptions would then be E-mailed to Mr. Stough, or a computer disk could be mailed to him. If you or someone you know has access to a computer set up for work processing and might be interested in volunteering in this manner, please contact Mr. Stough at or (636) 583-4838 (at his place of business, Tower Electronics), or write him in care of The Journal, P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A.

Prayer requests

Armstrong, Ben, 210 Duckworth, Sulphur Spring, TX 75482, fell from a tree on July 17. Crushed arm, brain stem damage. Improving, moved from ICU to regular room at Mother Francis Hospital, Tyler, TX.

Buchanan, Trace Allen, 4 weeks, staphylococcal infection.

Charles and Mary, lost job because of Sabbath.

Cruze, Tracey, 14 NE 1st St., No. 103, Chisholm, MN 55719, mother of 3 year old, suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia. Email:

Gaylord, Judy, Perry, OK, cancer of the blood, heart problems. Husband also not in good health, and almost blind.

Glynn, Joe, 1015 Roberts Cut Off Rd., No. 1, Fort Worth, TX, in need of kidney transplant. Daughter plans to donate kidney when she is old enough, in a few weeks.

Herbert, Betsy, 62, recuperating from hernia surgery. Also suffering from breast cancer. Chemotherapy pending. No medical insurance. Donations accepted through the Valley Women's Club. Contributions may be made by making checks payable to: VWC-Betsy Herbert Trust Fund. Mail to: Valley Women's Club, c/o Sheila Delaney, PO Box 574, Ben Lomond, CA 95005.

Johnson, Frances, 351 Conti St. No. 213, Mobile, AL 36602, bone cancer.

Tipon, Lorenzo, P-IV, Block 81, Lot 14A, Laguna Bel Air, Sta Rosa, Laguna, Philippines 4026, suffering from severe headaches.

Wheat, Frank, 36, cousin of Lisa Coker, recovering from motorcycle accident, out of coma, physical therapy pending, fluid on brain.

Ames, Stephanie, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, doctors determined there is no brain tumor. Still suffering from severe migraine headaches.

Croftcheck, Harriet Ann, recovering from neck surgery.

Dave, 64, brother-in-law of Lisa Coker, recovering from fall. Newly discovered hematoma in brain, and various other growths, kidney stones and gallstones.

Goodwin, Jesse James, Jr. (Jay), 10891 Limeridge Rd., Hiram, OH 44234, recovering from injuries sustained from automobile accident.

Heap, Brooke Kailey, premature newborn, continues to improve from fluid in lungs.

Murrey, Pat, 515 Peterson Rd., Ontario, OR 97914, uterine cancer spread to lungs. Appreciates cards, notes, prayers.

Piehl, Randy, 44, 12474 Pence Hwy., Jasper, MI 49428, paralysis from waist down due to complications from aneurysm surgery, also on kidney dialysis. Please send cards of encouragement to family.

Priest, Jana, 47, Christus Sphon Hospital Shoreline, 600 Elizabeth St., Corpus Christi, TX 78404, improving from mytral valve surgery.

Adams, June Blair, c/o Dora Andrews, 22631 Bridgewater Dr., Spring, TX 77373, death of husband.

Akers, Lisa (daughter of Floyd and Neva Dodson, Arkansas City, KS), possible loss of eyesight due to bacteria.

Alice, mother of Donna Brown, multiple myeloma, two-inch non-malignant lesion on liver.

Allen, Monte, Big Sandy, TX, heart valve problems.

Alquire, Kay, 420 E. 6th St., Anna, TX 75409, inoperable blood cancer.

Andrews, Amanda, PO Box 581055, Tulsa, OK 74158, need surgery on shoulder, but pregnant.

Barron, Joe, Tyler, TX, motorcycle accident.

Benton, Mary Ann, RR 2 Box 164, Bullard, TX 75757, severe headaches, brain tumor suspected.

Braden, Nathan, 100 S. Altadena Dr. No. 12, Pasadena, CA 91107, email:, crushed left hand.

Chikar, Carole, cancer surgery recovery.

Chumbley, Janice, RR 2 Box 122A, Omaha, TX 75571, fungus in lungs, blood clots, lymph gland calcified.

Coleman, Neal, 3150 N. Dauphin St. Apt. H-6, Mobile, AL 36606, diabetic, foot sore won't heal.

Delaney, 8 months, Florence, TX, burned over 40% body.

Dunnam, Allene, 519 W. Grant St., Chickasaw, AL 36611, back injury and infections.

Emerson, Annette, two leg ulcers with infection, toxins in liver.

Emerson, Asa, 80, Springfield, MA, cancer.

Evans, Bill, Palm Harbor, FL, kidney stone pain.

Gettler, John, Palm Harbor, FL, Agent Orange poisoning.

Glass, Sarah, Corona, CA, breast cancer returned, surgery pending.

Hansen, Daniel, 28, Maine, missing, suicide feared.

Harbaugh, Inez, 80's, Palm Harbor, FL area, pleurisy in chest.

Harrell, Carie, breathing difficulty.

Hart, Sandra, many health problems.

Joe, injured in auto accident, arm detached, may lose eye.

Katelynn (6 months), heart surgery, complications.

Keisler, Ruth, College Station, TX, bowel cancer, chemo side effects.

Kerley, Margie, kidney failure, blood clots.

Kimbrough, Freddie L., San Antonio, TX, lung cancer, chemo.

Lario, Mary, pregnant, health problems.

Lawrence, Minnie, 90 Riverbend Rd., Centreville, AL 35042, breast cancer surgery recovery.

Lisec, Ann, PO Box 814, Alamogordo, NM 88311, Aseptic Meningitis, eye infection.

Lytle, Lisa, Garland, TX, (mother of two young children) mild case of MS, left eye problems.

Massengale, Jim, 32406 Concord, Apt. D, Madison Heights, MI 48071, liver cancer.

McMurray Family, Tulsa, OK, death in family, health problems.

McNabb, Amy, Marshfield, MO, heart attack.

McPherson, Carol, 161 Charlie Dr., Hornbeck, LA 71439, stroke recovery.

Medeiros, John, 61, California, pancreatic cancer.

Miles, Bob, 80's, Palm Harbor, FL area, kidney, bladder problems.

Miller, Pam, England, pains in arms, no diagnosis.

Ory, Richard J., VQ-1 DET SWA, PSC 451, Box VQ-1, FPO AE 09834-2800, concerned about safety while stationed in Bahrain.

Post, Billie, email:, vomiting, diabetes, breast cancer, amputated legs, possible gallstones.

Raney, Billy, PO Box 243, Cookville, TX 75558, congestive heart failure, transplant.

Satterfield, Benny, New Boston/DeKalb, TX, heart problems, diabetes, failing kidney.

Sisk, John, 1120 Boulan Dr., Attica, MI 48412, blood clot between brain and skull.

Smith, Harold, Palm Harbor, FL, dizzy spells.

Smith, Peggy, Palm Harbor, FL, skin almost gone from hands due to medication.

Steel, Anthony, 19 Heyville Rd., Higher Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside, England, No. 1, No. 4M9, angina.

Stoltz, Eve, leukemia may be returning.

Taylor, Barbara, Texarkana, TX, liver cancer, chemo, financial problems: Hibernia Bank account, Texarkana, No. 3010360667 for donations.

Vardeman, Larry and Debora, self-employed, needs jobs.

Waller, Charlene, RR 1 Box 86C, New Boston, TX 75570, improving, surgeon appt. Aug. 22.

Webb, Chris, Fort Worth, TX, open heart surgery recovery.

Whitlow, Jean, Cookville, TX, health problems.

Worth, Bob, email:, prostate surgery.

Yehuda, Noam, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, newborn in Israel, water on the brain, surgery.

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