170 brethren from several COGs hear songs and sermons

The writer is wife of Bill Faith, pastor of the Church of God Sabbatarian.

By Shelby Faith

ST. LOUIS, Mo.--About 170 people on July 14 attended a special Sabbath of the Church of God Sabbatarian, with several churches and other groups represented.

Attending were members from the Belleville Church of God, the Mid-Missouri Church of God (from the Lake of the Ozarks area), the Tulsa Church of God, the Church of God Sabbatarian and other groups and individuals.

Sermon speakers were George Meeker of the Church of God Christian Fellowship and Al Buchanan of the Belleville Church of God.

Both Mr. Meeker and Mr. Buchanan are former longtime members of the Worldwide Church of God.

A special-music program was presented by the Fellowship Ministries Choir, directed by Ray Kurr of Mounds, Okla. The choir, which had traveled from Tulsa, sang many inspirational songs.

Bill Faith, pastor of the host congregation, welcomed the brethren and introduced the special speakers.

Duke Schneider was song leader, and Dotte Schneider was the pianist for the congregational singing. Mr. And Mrs. Schneider are from the Mid-Missouri Church of God.

Mr. Buchanan's topic was "Ears to Hear," about Jesus' parable of the seeds. Mr. Meeker's sermon was "The Golden Rule."

Mr. Kurr and the choir presented the music program between the two sermon messages. Most of the songs were sung a cappella, but taped background accompanied a few songs.

Among them were "By This Shall All Men Know," "How Good and How Pleasant," "He Is Our Peace," "Look What God Is Doing" and "Soon and Very Soon." The harmoniously singing choir brought back memories to many in the congregation who remembered the music of the WCG years ago.

As a final presentation, the choir sang an anthem, "Crown Him With Many Crowns," then asked the congregation to join in on the final song.

Many listeners commented that the finale was an uplifting and inspiring finish to the music program.

After the service the brethren enjoy a meal together.

Later Rory Ries, a member from Hillsboro, Mo., conducted a teen Bible study, and this writer conducted Bible games for the teenagers.

In the evening, after pizza at 8:30, Matt Hellwege used his computer to play music. He showed the fascinated young people how the musical notation looked on the computer.

Many of the brethren stayed around until 10, still fellowshipping, renewing acquaintances and meeting new friends. Later a teen slumber party took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gannon.

The teens reportedly spent a good part of the night looking at the stars through Mr. Gannon's telescope.

"God must be pleased when His children get together in peace and love," said an organizer, "and it seemed His blessings were on this Sabbath day and this gathering of His people."

A husband and wife who had been staying home on the Sabbath began attending church again as a result of the get-together. Some of the brethren in attendance decided later that the theme had been "By This Shall All Men Know That You Are My Disciples If You Love One Another."

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