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Two former WCG pastors debate nature of the Bible
TV show about Waco could have been better says Waco negotiator
Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2010
UCG's crisis is latest in a long line of ups and downs
United Church of God names new administration members
Is the UCG becoming the UNTIED Church of God?
Larry Salyer and Ken Giese are out of the United Church of God
United Church of God trims regional pastor hierarchy
United Church of God goes forward with two thirds of its elders
Web site alleges Jim Franks preplanned UCG split church
New United Church of God split BARS Journal reporter from founding conference
Church of God Worldwide Association's board chairman gives reasons for new UCG split group
Other News and Articles
Three churches meet for services and fun
Mom said never gamble with your health
A mother's written words are precious
Someone warns: Slow down, your car's out of oil!
Deed transfer in 2008 means UCG owns Big Sandy church building
Commentaries, Columns and Essays
What is the one genuine sign we're in the final end time?  by Alan Knight
Food for thought: What's on the menu? by Reginald Killingley
Minister prophesied the doing of dishes in Big Sandy, Texas by Judith Biggs
Who will be the prophesied beast of Daniel and Revelation?  by Alan Knight
What does BP have to do with the Churches of God? by Bernie Monsalvo
Chile critics should chill out and cheer by Reginald Killingley
Issue 138: Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and Life Events
Issue 139: Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and  Life Events
Issue 140: Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and Life Events
Issue 141: Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and Life Events
Issue 142:
Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and Life Events
Issue 143:  Letters to Editor,  Notes & Quotes  and Life Events

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