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Herbert W. Armstrong’s daughter dies

TYLER, Texas—Dorothy Mattson, 89, of Sun City, Ariz., the last living child of WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong, died May 10, 2010.

Mrs. Mattson’s nephew, Mark Armstrong, president of the Intercontinental Church of God, based in Tyler, announced Mrs. Mattson’s death May 15.

“I’m sorry to have to report that we lost Aunt Dottie on Monday of this week after a long illness,” Mr. Armstrong said.

“Mom and I are sure thankful we were able to visit with them just a week and a half ago. Vern is a dear man, a faithful member, and still needs our prayers.”

Nature of God Seminar

SEATTLE, Wash.—The ninth annual Nature of God Seminar (until this year known as the One God Seminar) will take place in Seattle Oct. 23-24, 2010, announced Association for Christian Development founder and president Ken Westby.

One of the conference’s nine speakers will be Kermit Zarley, an evangelical Christian and retired professional golfer who has came out as a unitarian, or believer in one God (as opposed to a Trinitarian or binitarian).

For more information about the conference see Or write Mr.Westby at or 27013 Pacific Hwy. S., No. 400, Des Moines, Wash. 98198, U.S.A. See Mr. Zarley on the Web at

Sidetracked Christians

CLEARLAKE, Calif.—Darrell Watkins, a 62-year-old Church of God member who graduated from Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, in 1971, having also attended at Big Sandy, is writing a book about what he says are weird beliefs. Although Mr.Watkins, a retired teacher and real-estate broker who writes under the pen name Kruk Ed Strait, is a Sabbatarian, he has concluded that “Armstrongism and its divisions are just another denomination filled with false doctrines.”

His book—so new that it’s not completed yet—is False Doctrines in Christian Churches.

Modern Christianity, Mr. Watkins says, is “the child of bifurcated Judaism” and is a “careening runaway train gone completely off its track.”

His volume “calls out the leaders of every Judeo-Christian denomination” because leaders, more than followers, are responsible for drifting away from the faith once delivered and for tying “great knots of deception.”

To get back on track write Mr. Watkins, who will send you chapters as he writes them. He’s up to No. 5. Write or P.O. Box 6928, Clearlake, Calif. 95422, U.S.A.

ABC’s Class of 2010

MILFORD, Ohio—The 11th class of Ambassador Bible Center, sponsored by the United Church of God an International Association, graduated May 16, 2010, at the church’s home office, reported the UCG’s United News in an article by Whitney Smith.

ABC students graduate after a nine-month term.

Admissions officer Gary Antion said the church has accepted 19 students so far for the Class of 2011.

For more information about the church or ABC, write P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A. See also

Feast at Windermere

LONDON, England—John Jewell of and announced a Feast of Tabernacles site in Windermere, in the Lake District of England, for 2010.

The venue will include inexpensive lodging within a short walk of the Marchisi Centre.

For more information write Mr. Jewell at 27 Old Gloucester St., London WC1N 3XX, England. Or write him at

Feast in Kansas City

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.— The Heartland Church of God will sponsor a Feast of Tabernacles observance in Kansas City, Mo., announced Rex Jamerson.

K.C.’s many amenities include its world-class zoo and art gallery, the shopping district, the Worlds of Fun amusement park and “the best barbecue and pizza west of the Mississippi,” Mr. Jamerson said.

For more information contact Mr. Jamerson at rexajamerson@

Season of Our Joy

HAWKINS, Texas—Tim and Angie Kelley announced their Ami Yisrael Ministry’s plans for its annual Feast of Tabernacles observance, which they call Season of Our Joy.

It will take place Sept. 22-30, 2010, at the Windermere Church Camp on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Season of Our Joy is a “Hebrew roots” Feast site, Mr. Kelley said. “We study to try and understand the 1st-century Jewish culture, liturgy and services that Yeshua—Jesus—and His disciples would have been familiar with.”

Write the Kelleys at or P.O. Box 1633, Hawkins, Texas 75765, U.S.A.


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