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Notes and Quotes


Radio for living

LONDON, England--To listen to live broadcasts of John Jewell's Radio4Living, visit Mr. Jewell's site,

To be added to a mailing list for a free newsletter, write Mr. Jewell at or Radio4Living, What Next Media, BCM What Next, London WC1N 3XX, England.

Colorado recommendations

CLIFTON, Colo.--Whenever you're in western Colorado, Rich Traver has two recommendations for you if you're looking for a congregation to fellowship with for Sabbath services.

Mr. Traver especially likes two churches, both in the Grand Junction area: the Christian Church of God, pastored by Del Leger, and the United Church of God, pastored by Jon Pinelli.

The CCG and UCG meet at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. respectively each Sabbath.

For more information see Mr. Traver's Web site at Or write him at P.O. Box 1411, Clifton, Colo. 81520, U.S.A.

Research and study

BELMORE, Australia--For research and study papers on a multitude of biblical subjects, see Henk Jens' Web site, at

Topics Mr. Jens has written on include the Garden of Eden's "no-divorce and no-remarriage law"; Sivan 7 as the proper date for Pentecost; and "Who Was the God of the Old Testament?"

Write Mr. Jens at or P.O. Box 121, Belmore, N.S.W. 2192, Australia.

17 specialized Web sites

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif.--Alton "Don" Billingsley's articles have appeared in each issue of The Journal in the Connections section for several years now.

Readers of Mr. Billingsley's articles may not realize he has many specialized Web sites, and they're all accessible at They include the following 17 (these are the sites' names, not their Web addresses):

Church of God Faithful Flock; The Ten Commandments; A New World Ahead; Just What Do You Mean ... Born Again?; A Watchman for the House of Israel; Herbert W. Armstrong: Apostle of God; Herbert W. Armstrong: His Life and Work; Pagan Holidays or God's Holy Days Which?; The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel; Prophetic Events; The Restored Truths of God; Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath?; Church of God Faithful Flock--Home School Association; Three World Views: Only One Is Going to Happen; World News Bulletin; Body of Christ Online; and Free Online Bible Course.

Write Mr. Billingsley at Church of God Faithful Flock, P.O. Box 8819, Modesto, Calif. 95357, U.S.A., or P.O. Box 130, Valley Springs, Calif. 95252, U.S.A.

Attention Germans

WESTMINSTER, Calif.--If you read German or know someone who does, you might want to visit Robert Schmid's Web site because Mr. Schmid posts articles in German as well as English.

Here is a partial listing of articles he has posted in both languages:

"The Plan for the People of the Way"; "The Nature of God"; "The Purpose of Human Life"; "Are You a Catholic After All?"; "The History of the Lord Jesus Christ!"; "God's Plan of Redemption"; "Jesus ... God, or (Only) Son of God?"; and "Mythology or Theology: Which?"

Visit Mr. Schmid at Write him at

9th One God Conference

SEATTLE, Wash.--Ken Westby announced names of some of the speakers scheduled for his ninth annual One God Conference, set for the Seattle-Tacoma area Oct. 23-24, 2010.

A newcomer at the conference will be Kermit Zarley, a writer of books on Christian themes and professional golfer. Mr. Zarley has produced a series of Still Here books as an answer to the popular rapture-promoting Left Behind series.

Also to speak (in Federal Way, a city between Seattle and Tacoma) will be Noel Rude, a professional linguist and master of biblical languages and culture.

Also to present at Mr. Westby's conference will be Sean Finnegan, a prolific writer and debater of Bible topics; Michel Danis, author of The Father: The Only Supreme Almighty God; Emily Pali-Killian; Lindsey Killian; Bob Woodburn; Gary Woodring; and Mark Bosserman.

This will be the first of Mr. Westby's One God Seminars that will not feature Anthony Buzzard as a speaker, because Sir Anthony will be in Germany for a similar conference.

For more information write Mr. Westby's Association for Christian Development, 27013 Pacific Highway S., No. 400, Des Moines, Wash. 98198, U.S.A., or visit his Web site,

Lexington winter weekend

WEST CHESTER, Ohio--Everyone's invited to the annual Winter Family Weekend in Lexington, Ky., sponsored by the Church of God Cincinnati and Church of God Lexington.

Organizer Jim O'Brien announced that activities will include seminars, Sabbath services, basketball, volleyball, soccer and much more.

The date will be Dec. 23-26, 2010. The location will be the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort, featuring a rate of $53 per night.

For more information go to Or contact Mr. O'Brien at or P.O. Box 1811, West Chester, Ohio 45071, U.S.A.


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