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Notes and Quotes

Dibar Apartian dies

MATTHEWS, N.C.--Dibar Apartian, a longtime WCG evangelist and more recently an evangelist-rank minister in the Living Church of God (LCG), died Dec. 8, 2010.

Mr. Apartian, 94, began teaching French at Ambassador College in Pasadena, Calif., in 1955. He was born of Armenian parents in Turkey in 1916.

Roderick Meredith, president of the LCG, called Mr. Apartian a "mighty oak" who "will be greatly missed." Survivors include Mr. Apartian's wife, Shirley.

AC-reunion invitation

LINCOLN, Ark.--John Dickerson, who attended AC Big Sandy in the 1960s, asks any former Big Sandy students who are interested in attending a "Saturday-night reunion dinner party" in June 2011 in Dallas, Texas, to contact him.

Mr. Dickerson is at and (479) 479-422-7464.

10,000 questions

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--"In 2010 God blessed with its best year in its 15-year history," reported webmaster and site owner Alan Ruth.

The site attracted 5,185,156 "actual visitors," Mr. Ruth said, an increase of 30 percent above the previous year.

"The visitors requested 11,540,657 pages of Bible-based study materials, an incredible 31 percent above the previous year and the largest raw jump in study materials viewed--more than 2.7 million--ever."

Also in 2010 the site received its 10,000th Bible question from the public.'s Question and Answer service began in September 2002 and is staffed by several writers Mr. Ruth refers to as Email Evangelists.

"Their dedication to serving God by answering sometimes difficult and heartrending personal questions makes the service possible."'s popularity in terms of visitors has increased an impressive 428 percent compared with 2004 totals, he said.

"God has used the less than $2,000 donated for the year to do some great things."

Email Evangelists who regularly field questions are Rick and Eileen Beltz, Charlotte Grantham, Arnold Mendez Sr., Al and Debra Murrey, Eric Snow, Mike Summers, Les Turvey, Tommy West, Margaret Vidal and Clay Willis.

One God Conference

SEATTLE, Wash.--The ACD's 2011 One God Conference will happen in Pasadena, Calif., announced Ken Westby, founder of the conference's sponsor, the Association for Christian Development.

"These sessions will explore the most important and critical knowledge on earth: the knowledge of God and His Son," he said.

Mr. Westby and other Christian "unitarians"--many of them in the Churches of God--believe Jesus is not God, not part of the Godhead, even though He was and is the sinless, crucified and resurrected Son of God who had no human father.

The conference is set for the last weekend in May 2011.

Speech-club reunion

DAYTON, Ohio--Former members of the Dayton Spokesman and Graduate speech clubs are invited to a reunion planned for April 2011, announced Steven and Patty Wyke.

"This will be a ladies' night and a fun-filled evening for everyone," Mr. Wyke said.

Anyone willing to help with the planning of the reunion is invited to contact the Wykes at, (937) 371-8444 or P.O. Box 96, Covington, Ohio 45318, U.S.A.

Mr. Wyke is an outreach chaplain who serves assisted-living and nursing-home facilities in his area.

Latter-day Dr. Hoeh

A new Web site featuring Herman Hoeh is up and running at

The site differs from others that feature Dr. Hoeh by providing audio recordings of the longtime Radio/Worldwide Church of God evangelist speaking to audiences after the death of RCG/WCG founder Herbert Armstrong and after the major splits that affected the WCG and related churches beginning in 1995.

"The sermons offer a unique insight into what was going on in the WCG at a historic time, although much of what is said is couched in diplomatic terms," the site's webmaster informed The Journal.

Topics Dr. Hoeh touch on in the recordings include the origins of the New Covenant in Genesis; the voluntary nature of the New Covenant; whether God and/or the Father is Yahweh; tithing; the two goats; and sin and the nature of mankind.


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