What's in issue No. 61, dated Feb. 28, 2002?

A Church of God member seeks a seat on the Texas Supreme Court. Royce Mitchell is running for the elective office as a member of the Libertarian Party. Read the interview with Mr. Mitchell in the print version of The Journal.

A rescheduled Ambassador University reunion is set for June.

The United Church of God picks a new president; Roy Holladay is set to assume the office in May.

A member's projects help children in Vietnam.

A United Church of God associate pastor makes conciliatory remarks about another Church of God group.

A Web site aims to unravel the mystery of the races.

Letters to the editor include comments on a Sunday resurrection; Christianity and the supernatural; the nature of Jesus; and Herbert W. Armstrong. For The Journal's always-lively letters section, see the February print version of The Journal.

In a guest column, Trey Cartwright furnishes a helpful field guide to institutions of higher learning.

A breakdown in talks threatens the sale of the Worldwide Church of God's property in Pasadena, Calif.

The latest in The Journal's series on divorce and remarriage comes from Michael Brandenburg, who gives a nonordained COG member's point of view. See the print version of The Journal.

Essays also include Paul Herrmann writing about the "proper holy days of Unleavened Bread" and James McBride's personal view of the Christian Passover.

John Warren reports on two COG get-togethers: in Dallas, Texas, and Joplin, Mo.

Church of God performers in East Texas participate in a community concert. Many COG groups and individuals are represented on stage and in the audience. The print version of The Journal includes the report and almost a full page of photos from the event, including a photo of COG old-timer Dean Blackwell.

A COG member releases a CD of music especially for the Days of Unleavened Bread.

The WCG in Big Sandy looks for a new location for Sabbath services.

A congregation becomes a church on the Web.

"Notes and Quotes" reports the death of Ron Wallen; the termination of a treasurer; summer camps for kids; and a Feast site in Australia.

Darlene Warren, in Connections, The Journal's advertising section, wonders who moved her ice-cream truck. Happiness for a woman, Darlene observes, "is seeing people clean up after themselves."

The Journal has also published its classified section, which contains prayer requests and obituaries.

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